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How to read the church magazine on your Kindle ©

There are a number of processes you can use to get the magazine onto your personal Kindle reader, whether this is an app on your phone, tablet, computer, or an actual Kindle (c) device.

I found it difficult to sort this out, so please don’t be too quick to give up!

Find your Send-to-Kindle email address.

Many people do not realise this, but your amazon account usually has an associated Send-to-Kindle email address. In fact there may be one for each “version” of the application you use. If you have a phone, a tablet and aa actual kindle then potentially you have three. For this process you only need to use ones as most devices “talk” to one another in the background.


  • on your device go to the home page, with your library and suggestions on show.
  • at the top of the page press “settings”, then “All settings”.
  • go to “Your Account” and see the “Send-to-Kindle E-mail”
  • copy out the email address ending with …

iOS for iPad and iPhone

  • the Kindle app on an iPad has a home page with the word “more” on the bottom right of the screen
  • click more and go to “settings”
  • a panel shows which includes the phrase “send-to-kindle email address”
  • copy out the email address ending with …

Android for other phones/tablets


  • For the next stage to work your kindle needs to know that the person sending the file to your Kindle is not a spammer.
  • You need to visit the section on the settings panel on your homepage – or get a friend to do it for you – where the following is stated:
  • “Approved Personal Document E-mail List*
  • To help prevent spam, your Kindle needs to permit files from the following e-mail address: which you need to authorise.


Send your kindle address to the person who issues the magazine, noting that to do so authorises the parishes “to share the church magazine with you for the time being”. We will then carefully use that email address once a month, to share your copy of the magazine for kindle, along with your routine email.


Email your downloaded .pdf or .mobi version of the magazine to your own kindle address. Wait a while and it should be downloaded automatically toy your readers. Generally, a pause of a few minutes is all that is required. You have to do this every month.


  • whatever type of computer you use, there are a number of ways of sending files to amazon as outlined above. As this depends on you having a computer that an use Firefox as your browser (or Google Chrome)
  • Visit this page to download an “add-on” for Firefox.
  • Or visit this page for an equivalent “add-on” in Chrome
  • You need to be familiar with add-ons … wishing you well!

and finally

If this process does not appear to work, let us know the problem in the comments below so that we can improve the explanation and get you going.

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