News for Prayer and Thanks

Olo Diocese, South Sudan

Two years ago Bishop Tandema explained the generalised fear that gripped his people: “attempts made to heal have not been enough.” A strategy of trauma healing commenced, supported by parish links in Ireland. So far, 300 people have been able to attend the workshops.
“Participants had time to express their anger. There was an atmosphere of forgiving those who have died and those who looted property. They understand that life can be so difficult and hard at times but that doesn’t mean the end has come.
Participants expressed their happiness to friends of the Diocese who have committed themselves to supporting the three phases of the trauma counselling and healing conference in Olo Diocese.”
This time, participants were also given C19 awareness training and a gift of soap to take home with them.
Olo Food Distribution from CMS Ireland on Vimeo

Thank you to those of you responded to Bishop Tandema’s prayer request for eight people abducted from Mambe I, please do continue to pray for them as there has been no further news of their whereabouts.
Linda Abwa

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