Presentation to Viona and Lila

Viona and Lila have served the parish of Killaney for several decades in the Sunday school. They announced at the start of 2020 that they were standing down from this valuable role to make way for others to take their place.

We appreciate deeply the role that they have played in assisting the parents of the children of Killaney Parish as they nurtured them into an understanding and appreciation of the Christian Faith. We also honour their faithful efforts to draw those young people into the church family as they grow older.
The number of children they have served has often been far in excess of the number one would expect in a small congregation such as ours.
We thank them deeply.
After being unable to attend in-church services because of her work, and with a desire to express aour appereciation of them before the year was over, we held a special outdoor service, including the lighting of the new outdoor Christmas Tree, and presentred them with gifts.
First, David, Rosemary and Annabel Gill awarded them the Emma Gill Memorial Trophy for the year, a gift presented by the family in memory of their late daughter Emma – a much valued member of the Sunday School. In addition two tokens and some lovely flowers were given to them as a token of the Select Vestry’s appreciation, on behalf of the whole parish,
We thank Mrs Viona Crothers and Mrs Lila Earney for all their work, carried out with a smile.