Celebrate this Sunday 28/4

Celebrate this Sunday!

Come to St Andrew’s and St Ignatius’ this Sunday to worship God.

You will be in good company, if you don’t mind mixing with people who don’t have all the answers, who sometimes struggle with doubt, and who find parts of the service great, and others parts, well, not quite to their liking!

So, having sorted that out, why not drop in on Sunday: “Celebrate” is the theme of every act of worship, and this week we celebrate because Jesus transforms every situation where people are lost and have nowhere to turn.

Celebrate at

St. Ignatius’, Carryduff

8:30 am Holy Communion ONE

Readings 1 John 4:7-21 John 5:1-9

10:00 am Celebrate at Ten!

Reading John 5:1-9

St. Andrew’s, Killaney

12:00 pm Celebrate at Twelve!!

Reading John 5:1-9