Easter Vestry Meeting 3 April

On Sunday 3rd April a short act of praise helps set the tone for the worship which is involved in serving God in practical ways. At 10:00 in Carryduff and 12:00 in Killaney we hope to hold our Annual Easter Vestry Meetings. Everyone is welcome to attend the short act of worship and the meeting.
We have elections of vestry members and some wardens, parochial nominators and synodspersons. We are slightly out of sync with the rest of the diocese but this year is to get us back into line.


is planned DV as follows:

8:30 Early Communion

Philippians 3.4-14 John 12:1-8
Order of Service

10:00 Easter Vestry Carryduff

John 12:1-8
Order of Service

12:00 Easter Vestry Killaney

John 12:1-8
Order of Service

7:00 Snatch at the Mitchell Room

Proverbs 30:7-9

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