Ukraine: word from Bible Society staff in Ukraine



In recent days we have all seen the news about the events in Ukraine. The staff of the Ukrainian Bible Society have been very active updating the global Bible Society Fellowship via email and Facebook. There is much fighting in Kyiv, and some of it has been very close to Bible House, but thankfully, all the Bible Society staff are currently safe.

The General Secretary of the Ukrainian Bible Society, Oleksandr, has asked us to join them in prayer for their country. Over the last week, many Christians from all denominations have gathered to pray for the situation, asking for peace and wisdom of leaders.

Oleksandr wrote to us in an email last week, just before the invasion began-

Today, we all are overwhelmed with alarming messages about imminent large-scale invasion into Ukraine and subsequent war. Indeed, nobody knows for sure what tomorrow would bring to our land. We see so many people suffering from panic and uncontrollable fear brought by this never-ending flow of news. Yet we, along with our churches, remain confident that God’s Word can bring comfort, peace, and reconciliation.

We’ve been receiving unprecedented number of requests from churches from across the whole country begging for free Scriptures to those they serve these days: soldiers and their families, people living close to the frontlines, displaced people who suffered from previous escalations and are currently overfilled with fear that they may lose everything again.

Please continue praying for the situation here, for peace, for God’s miracle as another date of possible invasion comes – indeed, sometimes it looks like only His divine intervention could resolve the current situation.

Please join us as we pray for the situation in Ukraine.

Pray for Ukraine:

Pray that God would intervene in this situation and that it would come to a peaceful and swift end soon. Pray for the safety of all people currently in Ukraine, that God would protect them from violence.

Pray for the Ukrainian Bible Society as they reach out to people, providing Scripture to those who are desperate for hope. Pray that Christians all over Ukraine would be a witness to their friends, family and neighbours.

Pray that God would use this time and, even despite this frightening and uncertain situation, many would come to faith in Christ.