Here comes Trouble! | Day 15 | Dec 12

It’s not the best name to have in a family, or a community. To be the person that everyone dreads seeing at a meeting, or coming into the room. Under their breath they whisper “Here he comes. .”“ ”Here she is…“
In Jeremiah 20.3 one of the priests had the name Pashhur, a good enough name, but he was one of those trouble makers of whom we have been thinking.
He had just released Jeremiah from a temporary imprisonment, – he was the ‘jailer’ – when Jeremiah said:
‘The Lord’s name for you is not Pashhur, but Terror on Every Side Jeremiah 20.3
Imagine what God might call you if he judged you solely on your behaviour!
Name-calling was very important in the bible, so I suppose it still is. What name would he give you or me?
Loose Talker, Economic with the Truth, Never satisfied, Partial to a bit too much, Stirrer, Slow starter… . ?
Thankfully, and I mean this sincerely, the Lord has given us new names, but not names signifying judgment, no, but names signifying that we are his children.
In Revelation 3.12 Jesus says he is going to give us a new name, as he writes his own new name on our hearts.
The mocker says ”Here comes Jesus" as they see us approach. What an unintended compliment would that be!

Nikhil mitra GcdIU1jxAN4 unsplashPhoto by Nikhil Mitra on Unsplash