Environment: Whose problem? | Day 14 | Dec 11

Zbynek burival V4ZYJZJ3W4M unsplash

Photo by Zbynek Burival on Unsplash

It is not my problem!

There was once a King of Judah, who was called Hezekiah. He was a good king, for the most part.

But his vision was limited. In 2 Kings 20.19 he responded to news that his kingdom would be lost after he died. Hezekiah was relieved and said the equivalent of:

“Good. It will not happen in my lifetime”

It just wasn’t enough.

When people of my (older) generation take a similar approach to the rapid decay of the world environment, it is even more serious.

  • Are you ever tempted to dismiss talk of temperature rises by 2050 as “none of my concern”?
  • Does the increasing impact of microplastics on the world’s oceans seem of no consequence to you?
  • Has your management of your property – concerning reducing energy use – begun and ended with the financial cost?

Join the club! Hezekiah, You and I – we all take much more care of what affects our lives than those who follow us. Time for some Advent repentance and realignment of our priorities.