Road Sense? | Day 9 | Dec 6


Road sense . .

. . or the lack of it.

There are two very dangerous phrases which, whether spoken or unspoken, lead to road disaster.

“I can do this!” and “It won’t happen to me!”

Such sentiments have first driven people of all ages, though more often young men, to get into cars with gay abandon, and then secondly have driven them to their deaths.

There are some better phrases to think about when venturing on to the roads:

“I need to be careful, this car is a lethal weapon.” and “Mum and Dad used to say ‘Mind That Road’, so I will take my time.”

Similar thoughts do not guarantee security for pedestrian or driver and passengers, but they offer better hope.

Such were my thoughts as I read Proverbs 11.2. I hope that by the time this is published there have not been any tragedies because people have driven with pride rather than humility.