Watchlist | Day 8 | Dec 5

Pim chu z6NZ76 UTDI unsplash

What will I watch today?

A day without TV? Seriously!

There is such a choice. At any given moment a well connected home can watch thousands of television programmes and movies on Netflix, Prime, Now, BritBox, Disney+, oh and I was forgetting, BBC1, BBC2, UTV, Chanel 4 and My 5 …

Imagine a whole day of restful recreation without ANY TV! If the idea truly shocks you, then “we have a problem” in a way that only the generations reading this have ever had.

Perhaps for Just One Day in Advent, when you are finished whatever you must do, you will decide to sit and read, or listen to music, or go for another walk, or watch the embers of the fire slowly slip into the grate (I’m giving my age away here) …

Or maybe we cannot. We just can’t do it.