Where our money goes . . . Scripture Union

As members of our Carryduff congregation sacrificially give monthly to the Outreach Fund – and the sums raised are allocated to a series of charitable and ministry causes – it seemed good to give an occasional update on how such funds are being used.
Scripture Union seeks to promote Christian faith and witness among the young people of our schools. They do this, where possible, through SU groups in schools, through summer camps, through providing support and encouragement to Christian teachers, and by developing resources to aid these processes. This happens locally, of course, but also in International settings. St Petersburg is a long way from Carryduff but through one or two local connections we are able to support a similar SU ministry in that part of Russia.
Our funds support both the local ministry of SU, based in Belfast, and Vera Zhuravleva based in St Petersburg. We thank members who donate their offering using the special Outreach Fund envelopes issued along with the FWO envelopes to most subscribing parishioners. Monthly Standing Orders are used by others for the same purpose, and Gift AId is collected where we are permitted to do so.