News of Current Restrictions

It was with a heavy heart that the people of Northern Ireland received the news from our Executive that restrictions are being imposed upon us once more due the covid-19 pandemic.
Part of the response directed by the government is to impose a lockdown for two weeks. As in March, ordinary Church Services are cancelled for those weeks.
We are seeking to act safely and within the spirit and intention of the lockdown.
In-church services for KandCd will be suspended from 29th November to 13th December.
As indicated, this decision is made with a heavy heart, but we are putting on alternative online events and drive-in services.

2 thoughts on “News of Current Restrictions

  1. I personally know we are well apart from
    Each. Other in our church and we sanitise our hands going in and wear our masks our names are ticked off as we enter and we sanitise our hands when we are going home , actually I would go as far to say we are safer in church than we are shopping , I don’t think church should’ be closed

    1. According to BBC News: “From 27 November, places of worship must close, except for funerals and weddings, which were limited to 25 people with no receptions, regardless of venue” so we are simply obeying the law. I agree that we are very safe in church, but perhaps not every church is as careful as our parishes are.

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