Magazine Materials wanted!

It may seem very early, but the church magazine needs several weeks for collating, editing, proofing, printing etc.
This started this morning in the Rectory.
We would like your help to make the process work well.
If you have an article about your group, a message for your members that you are not able to relay to them in person, why not do so here?
Everyone wants to know what your group are doing. . . let them know!
Perhaps the youth group is planning an online gathering or a quiz! Let everyone know here so the word can be spread.
Articles can be published on this website AND in the magazine, so do not delay in composing a few words. If you would like help then our co-editor Marlene can add her touch to make your words mean what you planned them to mean.
Email your articles to the parish office, or to Marlene or Stephen directly, and we will see how best to use them.
But don’t wait, just get on with it!! We are eagerly waiting.