Change of Address (Slightly)

This is a parish website issue.
Recently we moved from a less secure http/www address on a server to a more secure one with a slightly different address.

Searching for us

When you search on bing or Google or DuckDuckGo for the site the search engine may throw up a mixture of incorrect and correct versions of the address
If you happen to hit the correct one you may be asked a security question and then proceed. If you hit a wrong one you may be hard pressed to over ride the warnings. Don’t try too hard. There is no risk, but just in case.

What are the changes?

Notice we have added an "s" to the "http" part and removed the "www." part of the address as well.
If you have bookmarked the page on your browser, or, (like me), have created a snippet to type it our quickly, change this to the new address.
Your phone tablet or computer should go to the correct version of the site and then remember this for the next time you visit us.
We have been in touch with Google to update their searches but it can take a long time for their huge system to update.
I appreciate your patience.
If you are reading this then clearly you have no problem, but if you are seeing this without directly linking to the correct page (e.g via FaceBook), then you may have an issue on your computer still.
We are all on a learning curve, upon which most of us do not want to travel.