Summer Services at K and Cd.. . .

Come to worship each Summer Sunday: this week, 20th August, we feature a child friendly all age service, with a focus on Jesus' attitude to people of other races, and the kingdom of God. Sounds child-friendly? Well: every child knows that what people look like, or how they speak, or where they were born makes no difference to their character or worth. How does Jesus treat people outside his own race? What can we learn from children and from Jesus? See you Sunday at 12.00 and 10.30.

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Summer Magazine TRIAL ONSCREEN 2017

The July and August combined edition of the magazine is available as usual online. Visit the link here to read or download it.

But as a trial, please see does this work on your device, and let Stephen know by email or text.

The service schedule is reduced a little during the summer months. There will be no evening service until September 10th. Some midweek communions are cancelled as are some early Sunday communions. Details are available here.

Carryduff and Killaney churches seek to meet for worship, teaching, encouragement, friendship and service.

August in K & Cd

We hope you are enjoying your summer time, and that your life as members of God's Church is proving to be a faithful and glorious experience. The daily and weekly disciplines of faith are always both a joy and a challenge. While we do well to take 'things' easy when the holidays are with us, certain 'things' become even more important!

The routine of daily living makes it an effort to fit in your daily walk with God in its formal sense. When the daily routines are disturbed or more fluid than usual, then its is more likely (not less) that we will miss our daily time with The Lord.

I hope you and I together will not let that happen this summer! Church worship goes on, Christian fellowship is still essential, and personal prayer and reading remain vital. Let's live in such a way that we take our relationship with God more seriously than our relationships in the rest of life.

Father's Day 2017

Sunday 18th June is Father's Day. History records how fatherhood has been marked by the church for many years, but the connection with the third Sunday in June goes back just a century or so. Hear the story at Carryduff at 10.30 am.

This is the last J C Special for the season and we look forward to children, young people and maybe some of their parents coming to worship. An opportunity to remember our dads will be given during the service. "Harassed and Helpless" is the image Jesus gives us of people who do not have worthy leaders to follow and imitate. We pray that dads (and mums!) will offer such leadership in the home.

Children's Day Killaney June 25th

A special feature of our children's service this year will be the awarding of a new prize in memory of Emma Gill. Emma's fun and celebration of life will be marked by this award. The special service will be followed by refreshments in the Hall.

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