Christmas Weather arrives early at Carryduff!

The snow has arrived in Carryduff this morning - 8th December - with a vengeance! After several virtually snow-free winters, a heavy fall of snow left the grounds around St. Ignatius', Carryduff with a delightful if inconvenient covering of the white stuff. Services on Sunday continue as planned, but please give time to arrive early and get a lift if you have any fears about driving yourself.

J Club and J Club Plus evening cancelled 8/12/17

Due to the snow, the Friday night planned for Nativity Rehearsal and a trip to the Market has regrettably been cancelled.

Can anyone recall how long it is since any event at Carryduff Parish was cancelled due to snow?

Connect Carol Service

Lough Moss is the venue on Sunday 3rd December for a local carol service. Gathered in the vast hall at Lough Moss, hundreds of people from Carryduff and the surrounding area come to hear the local school choirs sing items they have prepared and to join in singing familiar Christmas Carols.

It is a free event. A collection is taken duirng the service for those who wish to donate a gft to Christians against Poverty, a UK charity operating locally and further afield to help people of any background as they face challenges brought on by poverty. The service starts at 4.00 pm and is followed by light refreshments.

December and January Magazine available on line

As you read the version here please note the links in the pages of Mission Fund Contributions which identify the organisations we are supporting this year. Click on the initials e.g. CMSI to go to their website.

Cick here to go to the current edition.

Sunday Special "I am Accepted"

When you come to Jesus and his church you should find acceptance and love. This week we reflect on how judgment and guilt are set aside when we encounter the living Jesus.

Listen to this song to prepare yourself for worship.

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