Funeral Service

It is with a sense of sorrow and great Christian hope that we announce the death of Canon Billy Moore from the parish. Billy died peacefully this morning, Monday. His funeral will DV take place on Thursday at 11:00 am in St Ignatius’ Church, Carryduff. We extend our sympathies to his family circle.

Killaney Easter Vestry

We thank everyone who attended the Easter Vestry Meeting in St Andrew's Killaney on Sunday 18 March. Those elected were as follows:

 Select Vestry 2018
 Rector's Churchwarden:   Marie Mack
 People's Churchwarden:   Alison Gray
 Rector's Glebewarden:   Gary Crothers
 People's Glebewarden:   Jonny Gray
 Regis Calard  Bill Connor  Florence Coulter
 Jean Currie  Eileen Earney  Margaret Harrison 
 Anne Mannis  Harold Mannis   Betty McCartney
 Colin McClintock  Brian McNeill  Richard Turkington 

Carryduff Easter Vestry

We thank everyone who attended the Easter Vestry Meeting in St Ignatius' Carryduff on Sunday 15th April. Those elected are as follows:

 Select Vestry 2018
 Rector's Churchwarden:   Joan Clayton
 People's Churchwarden:   Raymond Scott
 Rector's Glebewarden:   Mark Rourke
 People's Glebewarden:   Dave Nevin
 Tony Anderson  Francis Buchanan     George Buchanan
 Fiona Ellis  David Johnston  Robin McDonald 
 Joyce McMeekin   Fiona Moore  Marlene Moore
 Jenny Montgomery  Keith Shaw  Stephen Thompson 

Easter Vestry at Carryduff

Today's worship includes the gathering of the church where we offer ourselves for service in the church as vestry members for 2018-2019. The 10.30 service will be a short introduction to the business of the day. Everyone is welcome to stay and participate in the meeting, but only those on the list of registered vestry members may vote.


What do you make of Thomas? A good guy or a trouble maker? Come and have a think together about the value or danger of doubt in the church today. And where do you fit in?

Services are as follows: Holy Communion at 9:00 am in Carryduff, Services of the Word - on Doubt - at 10:30 in Carryduff and 12:00 Killaney, and at 6:30 Compline in St. Ignatius', Carryduff.

Easter Sunday

Easter Day is one of the great church going days in our national culture. That's a good thing to share! Main worship is at 10.30 am in Carryduff and 12.00 in Killaney. Our day starts with Early Communion at 9.00 in St. Ignatius', Carryduff and ends with Praise Mix in the same place. We hope you are able to complete your Easter Worship at one of our churches this weekend. Happy Easter.

See all services here.

April Magazine

The new edition of Crossroads is now online. Copies may be delivered to your door if you live within the Carryduff and Boardmills area. Please contact the church office for direct email copies or hand delivery. (028 9081 3489).

Service details, news of parish events, reports and pictures from the youth groups and current events are all included.

St Patrick's Weekend

The annual celebrations for St Patrick's Day take place at Downpatrick this year. A Communion at Saul followed by a walk to Down Cathedral and a Festival service mark the worship and witness of the day. Full details are on the diocesan website.

Worship at Carryduff and Killaney takes place on Sunday 18th with the Easter Vestry for Killaney at 12.00pm. What is a Select Vestry? The Church of Ireland has a helpful page here.

Mothering Sunday

Sunday 11 March is Mothering Sunday: a day dedicated to the person and members of community that are a mother to us!

Unlike Mother's Day in the USA, this is not an invention of the greetings card industry, but an idea drawn from a reading in an old Anglican Book of Common Prayer. On the fourth Sunday in Lent each year an epistle was read which referred to Mother Jerusalem. To be more precise Galatians 4:26 says:

But Jerusalem which is above is free; which is the mother of us all.

The old Latin Mass had a similar reference to Jerusalem.

At some point in history this became a day when people of servant classes in life were actively encouraged to go to their maternal churches, and therefore homes, to honour their earthy mothers. In 1938 a MU historian described is as a country wide phenomenon.

It still happens today.

We in Killaney and Carryduff churches reflect the Christian tradition by honouring those who have been mothers to us, in family or in life in general, with a floral gift. Every adult woman present at worship will be offered a small flowering plant as a token of the appreciation we all feel. Depending on how many people come (we only have enough flowers for twice the normal congregation!) here may also be spare flowers for those present to bring home to mothers not at worship in our churches.

Come along at 10:30 and 12:00 to enjoy worship - and perhaps experience the touch of God's 'maternal' love for us - see Luke 13:34 - and pray for all who are mothers today.

Mothers' Union Thursday 8th at 8.00 pm

Shirley Kerr from Donaghcloney comes to MU this week to present: "Looking good - inside and out". This has been postponed fro last week

Women's World Day of Prayer Postponed

The snow from Storm Emma, and its friend the Beast, have claimed another victim: WWDoP, the annual gathering of the community at a local curch, due to take place on Friday 2nd March has been postponed. Come back to this page to see an update of a new time, which will be published here. We thank the local organisers for considering the safety of those attending.

Scout Organisations cancelled this evening, 1 March 2018

Scouts are not on due to the snow.

New Blog for Lent 2018

From Wednesday 14th February 2018 to Easter Day, a new blog page of our website is HERE

It is designed to help keep church members reading their daily Lent Book. A few questions or observations are made each day and readers can then comment online about each day's section.

Get it HERE

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