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Crossroads: April 2017

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The African Children's Choir 7th April

We look forward to a return visit by the African Children's Choir to Carryduff. Last here in December 2015 the group, which is an entirely new choir, will sing on Friday 7th April at 7.30 pm in St Ignatius' Church.

Is our Worship Worthy?

There are lots of different ways of expressing how we value people and things: sometimes this involves giving gifts, more often in speaking words of praise. Worshipping God is our opportunity to express in word and deed how we feel about him. The questions is, though: is our worship worthy of God?

When we want to show how we feel about a person we often go to great lengths to express our love and admiration.

We try to make an effort because they are worth it. What about making an effort for God?

Psalm 95 is the call to worship we use most often in our churches, and it reminds us of the value of coming to worship God in humility, in prayer, and in praise. Join with us on Sunday 19th March to hear more.

If God is only worth the effort you and I put in to worship him, what does that tell about our view of God?

Leading and Following!

Remember "Follow My Leader"? We have all played the game in childhood, where we take it in turns to lead and we take it in turns to follow. The church family has a similar pattern: each member of the church is called to follow Jesus, and many are called to take a lead from time to time, to help fellow disciples follow The leader.

As we consider the teaching of Hebrews 13 we are encouraged to remember our leaders, and to do so we will pray for all who lead, in homes, in church groups, in the diocesan family and in society. Join with us at worship on Sunday 12th March to find out more.

Learning to LEAN!

Self-reliance and independence are a popular call in the word today. Yet human beings are made to be mutually dependent. From procreation to conversation, from manufacturer to consumer, the world God has made reflects inter-dependence. Why? Because God has made humanity to reflect our dependence on Him!

As we gather in worship, on Sunday 5th March, around the Table of the Lord, we will learn to lean on Him.

Frazzled or Content?

Come to Killaney and Carryduff on Sunday to enjoy finding out about contentment: not so boring stuff.

New Daily Prayer link

The Church of Ireland provides a short daily prayer service to use online. Click on the link on our home page or click Online Daily Prayer

Handling Money Well

With Charity Commission demands, the need for accountability, the detailed returns to the tax authorities, and the relentless checking by banks re money-laundering, we need to handle money well. That is the case for both the local church and the faithful Christian. As we come to the time of year when church accounts are published, and as we give account for our own use of money to our spouses and family, what relevance does Hebrews 13 have to our lives today?

Exploring Hebrews 13.5 is the next step on our Manifesto H13 journey as we meet at Killaney and Carryduff on Sunday 19th February.

Planting Watering Growing

Keith Shaw will share some of what God has taught him in life about growing in faith and service.

Keith is now entering his second year (of two) training with the Diocesan Readers to enable him to be licensed to preach and lead in the parish and further afield.

Please continue to support him with your attendance at Carryduff at 10.30 and in Killaney at 12.00 on Sunday 12th February.

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