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Handling Money Well

With Charity Commission demands, the need for accountability, the detailed returns to the tax authorities, and the relentless checking by banks re money-laundering, we need to handle money well. That is the case for both the local church and the faithful Christian. As we come to the time of year when church accounts are published, and as we give account for our own use of money to our spouses and family, what relevance does Hebrews 13 have to our lives today?

Exploring Hebrews 13.5 is the next step on our Manifesto H13 journey as we meet at Killaney and Carryduff on Sunday 19th February.

Planting Watering Growing

Keith Shaw will share some of what God has taught him in life about growing in faith and service.

Keith is now entering his second year (of two) training with the Diocesan Readers to enable him to be licensed to preach and lead in the parish and further afield.

Please continue to support him with your attendance at Carryduff at 10.30 and in Killaney at 12.00 on Sunday 12th February.

Honouring Marriage in today's world.

I'm not married: How can I honour marriage?

If you'd been through what I have been through you too would hate marriage!

Marriage is old hat, it is unnecessary today.

There are a lot of strongly held views about marriage. In this week's services we look at some of the reasons that we are encouraged in Manifesto H13 to 'honour marriage'! To pursue excellence IN marriage and respect the purposes OF marriage.

Join us at Killaney and Carryduff Churches on Sunday 5th February to explore this theme together.

Are you ready to serve?

SERVE is a new short training course for young people in 4th to 6th year designed to encourage and develop their unique leadership qualities while also helping them build firm foundations of faith.

Central to the course is the idea of servant leadership, which can often be different to the perception of what leadership is.  SERVE will encourage young people to discover and use the gifts God has given them to serve others and unlock their potential as leaders.

Each session of training has four elements included that are designed to build a sense of community and support, engagement with God and a deeper knowledge of who we are as people and leaders. They are:

1. Communal Meal: Served at the start of each session

2. Spiritual Discipline: Time is given after the meal to practice an element of the disciplines.

3. Book Review: Participants will be expected to read a chapter of the selected book prior to each session, at which a young person will lead a discussion on the chapter.

4. Teaching and Discussion: This element allows the participants to explore spiritual, practical and personal aspects of Christian leadership through discussion and activities.

There are eight separate sessions, the first 4 will run fortnightly in Hillsborough Parish halls, starting on the 23rd of February and will last for three hours, from 6.30 - 9.30 pm.  The next 4 sessions will take place over the course of a weekend away at the Kilbroney Centre in Rostrevor from Friday-Sunday 28-30th  April with a final graduation celebration for parents and participants taking place on Friday the 5th of May.

The cost for the course is £70, this includes a participants handbook, our meals together and the residential, as well as the graduation ceremony and certificate. This can be paid in either a single payment for the course or two payments of £35.

For more information and an application form contact Tim Burns on tim@downanddromore.org or 07572 817429

Remembering Prisoners! Manifesto H13

An opportunity, on 29.1.2017, to remember prisoners in the freedom of attending our church buildings without restraint. How can we best remember prisoners and those who are being ill-treatment? Come and find out today.

From Strangers to Friends! Manifesto H13

Welcoming Strangers is the theme on Sunday 22nd January at Killaney (12.00) and Carryduff (10.30). Based on Hebrews 13:2 the writer invites all of us to welcome strangers into our midst. It is a fresh look at what Hospitality really is! This can relate to the new child in school as much as to a new neighbour on the street or the new refugee from one of a number of conflicts in the world.

The Church family of all ages meets on this fourth Sunday of the month. "Don't be a stranger"!

During the opening months of 2017 we explore ten manifesto commands from Hebrews 13. Helping us to be the church in a society which needs a good church, the idea is that members of the congregation pick up a theme that "speaks" to them, and develop ideas to make that theme a reality in Killaney and Carryduff.

Come and Sing

A day with the Belfast Philharmonic, accompanied by Ulster Orchestra, soloists from NI Opera.

Habitat for Humanity NI comes to visit.

Pete Graham of Habitat plans to visit both churches on Sunday 15th January. As parishes which have supported Habitat for many years, both with donations and as volunteers, this is a welcome return to our agenda of the work of HfHNI.

Visit Habitat's website to see the work they are currently involved in. There is a link to this and other supported groups on this website. See "Mission & Ireland" to visit these external sites.

Mr McNeill Hits 100!

Congratulations to Bertie McNeill Mr. Bertie McNeill, a member of Greenisland Parish where our rector used to serve, has reached his 100th birthday. Bertie is one of those "backbones" of the church, serving as he did with his late wife Irene, in the administration of the parish offerings over decades. We send our congratulations to Bertie, through his son, parishioner Brian McNeill from Killaney. Bertie has attended St Andrew's from time to time over the years.

Mr McNeill now lives in Greenisland Abbeyfield, just a few yards from The Church of the Holy Name where he served for so long in various roles as Select Vestry Member, Glebewarden, and, very importantly, the "man who fixed the church clock" at both the Spring and Autumn equinox. Those who know Bertie well will join in his family's delight at his reaching this great milestone.

Brotherly love in action:

The Brownlee Brothers are well renowned for their combined efforts in world and Olympic Triathlon events. They are truly a remarkable pair. But they are first of all brothers; and their love and support for each other was demonstrated in a unique moment at a recent Triathlon Event. The YouTube video below is worth watching. What would you give up to support your brother or sister in the church family?

Sunday 8th January sees the start of a series of sermons based on Hebrews 13: Manifesto H13 So keep on loving each other as brothers!

 Sunday 8 January 2017 Epiphany 1  
  •  9.00 Holy Communion TWO
  • 10.30 MU Enrolment at Morning Prayer
  • 12.00 Morning Prayer in Killaney
 Wednesday 11 January 2017  
  • 10.30 Midweek Communion

Start the new year at The Crossroads

How you start something has a big influence on how you finish it! What about the New Year?

At St Andrew's Killaney and St Ignatius' Church Carryduff, God's people believe in putting God first. That's why, come the New Year, we meet together for worship at our local. Sunday 1st January is not only New Year's Day, but also the day on which we celebrate the Naming of Jesus at his Circumcision.

Services are as follows:

 Sunday 1 January 2017 Naming of Jesus 
  •  9.00 Holy Communion TWO
  • 10.30 Parish Communion
  • 12.00 Parish Communion in Killaney

Knowing Christ at Christmas

Few Christmases in adult experiences come without a mixed bag of emotions. The relentless suffering of others we witness on our screens, the sense of excitement in the children around us, the reminders through appeals of the needs of others, the rich aromas of a well used kitchen, and the memories of loved ones. Yes, that is part of this time of the year: a season pregnant with feelings.

The birth of Jesus, who had come to be our Saviour, took place in a similarly mixed world. We are told by theologians and scholars that his birth was heralded by an angel host and a knife wielding soldier corps, and was followed by mourning in Bethlehem, and hiding in Egypt. Today, for many, such hiding and such violence are a daily reality rather than the subject of theologians' debate. For them we pray and, with them, earnestly yearn for a better world.

May you know Christ in your life this Christmas: not just as an afterthought but as a first thought on Christmas Day. Greetings from the rather sick household of which I am a part this week, and if we don't see each other until the New Year, may that be a happy one for you too.


Christmas At Carryduff and Killaney

Starting with a late night gathering in St Ignatius' the parishes celebrate Christmas this year in regular style: the churches are decorated for the season, and the congregations have already enjoyed the seasonal Nativity by the Sunday Schools and J Club. Now it is time to remember the Birth of Jesus on Christmas Day. For details of services click here

Late night refreshments are available in St Ignatius' from about 10.45 pm on Christmas Eve, leading to our first Communion of Christmas, beginning at around 11.15 pm. The next morning a Family Communion takes place in St Andrew's Killaney at 9.30 am, followed by a Christmas Morning Service for all the family at Carryduff at 10.30 am. See you there!

Lessons and Carols at Killaney Sunday 11th 3.00 pm

We welcome Northern Ireland Brass to our Carol Service this year in the beautiful setting of St Andrew's Church Killaney. Along with the traditional lessons and carols, the Ensemble wil perform two pieces, a Christmas Medley and a carol "Who is he?" while accompanying all the hymns with their unique brass sound!

The whole community has been invited with notices being distributed in various locations and in various ways. Please come. Refreshments follow in the Hempton Hall.

Scout Carol Service Sunday 11th 6.30 pm in Carryduff

The Squirrels, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorer Scouts are providing various readings and dramas to help bring us into the Christmas Season. A light supper has been promised by the supporting scout committee. So let's see you at St Ignatius Church on Sunday evening!

Community Carol Service Sunday 4th at 4.00 pm Lough Moss

All roads lead to Lough Moss Centre for the biggest gathering of the community each year. It is, of course, the Community Carol Service organised in conjunction with the connect churches in the district. A warm invitation has been sent to local schools to come and sing, and this year Millennium IPS and Carryduff PS Choirs are performing.

Led by a band from Carryduff Baptist Church the traditional Christmas Carols will be enjoyed by all who attend. Refreshments afterwards are provided for all who wish to stay.

Mayor Cllr Brian Bloomfield hopes to attend and will receive the offering for his designated charity, TinyLife, based nearby in Carryduff.

Magazine for December

Our December edition is online. see the link to the left of this page to this and all recent editions

Remembrance Sunday

With many people around the commonwealth and further afield, we turn to God on Sunday 13th November to pay our respects to those who died in conflict and to pray for peace for the world. Joining the service at Carryduff are the uniformed organisations associated with the church.

Killaney Church meets at Noon for our annual remembrance service.

Click here to find out more of the history of the poppy.

Magazine for November

Our November edition is online. see the link to the left of this page to this and all recent editions

Sunday Specials for All Ages

J C Special in Carryduff (10.30) and CF@W in Killaney (12.00) take place on 23rd October. While geared for younger people, the challenge issued applies to all. Come along, enjoy the worship and re-think the attitude you bring with you to worship.

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