Active Christian leaders and dedicated worshippers are the sorts of members that really matter. However the business nature of the parish requires a properly formulated roll of members to conduct its business.

Membership of the General Vestry, the body in the parish which meets once a year to take part in elections and consider the annual report, is optional. It is re-formed every February.

The annual revision of vestry members takes place in February. The revision begins on the morning of Thursday 1st February and ends on the evening of Thursday 1st March. Those wishing to be considered for membership may complete forms between those two dates. If current members have no changes to their address or other status, they may presume they will automatically be considered for membership. New members or those having moved house should complete a form between the two dates.

Please note that you can be a member by virtue of your attendance or residence, your age, and your donation(s) to church funds in a recordable format. Usually, a set of envelopes which has been used is sufficient, or a currently used standing order.

Forms are available from Wardens or by using the following links Killaney and Carryduff

Stephen Lowry, Rector.
1 February 2024