Leprosy Mission Report

On Sunday 5th March we had the pleasure of Miss Judith Carson leading us in discovering more about the Leprosy Mission, its work, its focus and its aspirations.

Leprosy has long been a part of life in areas of the world where there is overcrowding, poor sanitation and impoverished diets. Such is life in the Tea Gardens of Bangladesh which was the focus of our speaker’s talk. Here she told of Aloka who has been diagnosed early enough to prevent her whole life falling apart, but not soon enough to stop damage to her left hand. As a result she was unable to continue her work as a tea picker.

A local community worker, supported by TLM, helped her find resources to change her employment and she now works as a volunteer helping people in the tea gardens to avoid untreated leprosy.

We were encouraged to play our part as “co-workers with Christ” as we prayed and shared the burden of the work with generous and routine support.
To hear more about Aloka see: here

TLM’s goal is to see the end to new cases of Leprosy by 2035, by making the disease and its symptoms more widely known and more willingly addressed, and by encouraging people like us to see this as a part of Christ’s ministry through us.

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