News from Olo

Oh! Loh!

That is how the Diocese of Olo is pronounced for those of you who struggle with it (nearly everyone struggles!)
We received correspondence from CMSIreland which includes a greeting from Bishop Tandema.

“Greetings and happy new year 2022. Thank you for thinking about the people of South Sudan and Diocese of Olo. The Bishop wishes you a peaceful and happy journey as you begin the first quarter of 2022.”

CMSI partnered with the Diocese on a Covid awareness and prevention programme late last year which Bishop Tandema felt very important after he had Covid himself. Give thanks that so many people were reached with the health messages. The programme included a football tournament to draw the young people into the discussion, and this was very successful.

As Olo Diocese tries to build infrastructure and leadership out of the years of war and displacement, the Bishop asks for prayer for the opportunity to send a young person to Maridi for Health training. The Diocese would like to have a basic health clinic to serve the local community, and this person will be a vital resource for this important ministry. The Diocese has already sent a young promising youth worker off to Juba for theological training. His name is Simon, pray for him as he studies at Bishop Gwynn College in South Sudan’s capital city.

We pray with confidence for the Diocese of Olo, who have been scattered by conflict, and now return home. We know that God has always been faithful to rescue, strengthen and guide his people.

Exodus 15 v 13
Faithful to your promise, you led the people you had rescued;
by your strength you guided them to your sacred land.

From Linda Abwe CMSI