A good deal! | Day 20 | Dec 17

A Tough Dealer?

I cut the offer price by … hundreds!

The Book of Proverbs is full of observations gained by the wise in the course of life and business.

This verse always strikes me when I read chapter 20 of the book. Verse 14 says:

The customer always complains that the price is too high,
but then he goes off and brags about the bargain he got.

Or in a more familiar form:

It’s no good, it’s no good!’ says the buyer –
then goes off and boasts about the purchase.

I’ve done it, maybe you have done it too. This is exactly what happens when the bargain hunter is pursuing the best price, and complains long and loudly about the cost to the seller, then boasts with delight to everyone about the bargain he got! That is human nature to a tee!

I wonder what spiritual insight it provides? I think I know one.

Did you ever complain about your local church, stand up to protest at a church meeting, and threaten to withdraw? And then, when tough times come, you turn away from our attitude and tell everyone about your wonderful church family?

God gave each of us a challenging call when he invited us to commit to an imperfect church family, right where we are. We are only revealing a darker side to our character when we focus on its weakness – “It’s no good” – when there is so much good to extol.

No, your church isn’t perfect. Why? Because it admits sinners like me and you to its ranks, and we are all far from what we ought to be!