Out of Control! | Day 10 | Dec 7


Living out of control

The power of passions

“It is no use”. How often do you and I say that to describe our addiction to whatever-it-is-that-captivates-us. We just can’t give up, I have no power to say no anymore.

The issue back in Jeremiah’s day was the worship of foreign gods, clearly not top of most of our agendas today, or is it?

In his day, going to a a foreign temple had some of the hallmarks of today’s passions: the lure of sex, the pursuit of the novel, the desire to dress up for the temple celebrations, the freedom from old traditions. So maybe today is not that different!

Is there a possibility that, with God’s help, and sincere effort, we can say: “This is the day to change: I have a master who is leading me to do good things. I can say YES to HIM.”

Try it.