Anyone for Advent? | Day 5 | Dec 2

Anyone Noticed Advent?

Tim wildsmith Xk8wUSX9ZiE unsplash

The missing meat.
Did you know that when Advent Fasting was a ‘thing’ it served, in part, to reduce the amount of meat that people were eating during the harsh winter season.

It also gave room for manoeuvre as Christmas approached, as it ensured there was food to spare for a Feast Day!

Today’s equivalent, I think, would be to try to go out of the house without the means of spending any money for several days a week.

Yesterday, in pursuit of mulled punch for Sunday’s Christmas Tree Lighting, I was in four different supermarkets in two hours. I think today I will avoid any such “fun”!

In case you were wondering, I found some, and a few niceties for any children who come …