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Prayerful Greetings
Dear friend
We are experiencing an increasingly draconian threat to our health at the hands of COVID-19. Please remember to pray for one another, to place suitable distance between yourself and others, and to entrust yourself to the hands of Almighty God through our saviour Jesus Christ.
It has been very encouraging to me to hear from so many of you how you are recognising our dependence on our heavenly Father.

New shielding measures

Mr Jenrick today announced to the daily coronavirus briefing that new measures would be introduced to shield the vulnerable in society.
1.5 million people are being informed this week of the need to stay at home for the next 12 weeks. A web page reveals the people involved.
To be told not to leave home at all is a serious cause for concern.
He invited local hubs to be formed to deliver essentials to those who are without apparent support. It reflects an existing set of community groups which have been formed in our locality already.
You may be one of those expected to stay at home, or are one of those expected to care for vulnerable people at home. More likely you need to adopt the strict instructions regarding health practices in recent news times.
Whatever you are being asked to do, I hope you will not feel isolated socially in that experience. Physical isolation is necessary, but many avenues to social contact remain open.

Social Media

I earnestly encourage you, if you can, to sign up for Facebook, and to visit our Facebook page or the like, and make non face-to-face contact a simple process. Several parishioners who have serious reservations about social media had determined to join in for the duration of this crisis.
This morning over 180 people have already taken the opportunity to watch a part of a morning service from the parish. An earlier event was watched over 580 times. Please join in so you can make regular contact with the worship and prayer being offered in our churches.
Others are watching using the church website, and, while not so immediate, this site is an easier place to find the newly produced videos.
Sorry for the long letter, but, I want to be able to encourage you to experience the sort of support that I have received from fellow parishioners through these non-contact means.
“The Lord will provide” has been a scripture verse that has sustained my hope and faith throughout my life, and I hope you will know his provision as well.
God bless you.

Please encourage everyone you know who is connected to the parish to sign up for an email (the magazine list effectively) so that they too can be kept up to date with changes in our situation.

I look forward to sharing great news with you when we have passed this difficulty, but realism suggests this wil be some considerable way off.

Be Kind, Be Careful, Be Disciples.

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