A virus that is here to stay

It seems we are now part of a world that has COVid-19 and we have to (try to) live with it. The question is how best to live with a disease which has an unacceptably high rate of mortality in certain generations who catch it, and a level of morality for all who succumb to the disease.

One wise person (MacSparky.com) shared a simple graph he sourced which shows a helpful approach. Try to let the virus spread at a rate at which outcomes are most positive. In other words try to slow down the spread so the medical facilities have resources to deal with the cases, rather than leaving many people beyond access to treatment.

It sounds like a reasonable interpretation of what lies ahead.

If you have any symptoms which sow doubt in your mind (Do I have this?) then don’t come to church. And when you come, wash your hands beforehand and bring your own cleanser (or use the hot water washing facilities) to reduce the risk of you carrying unwanted infections home.
Here’s the blogger and here’s the graph.