Christmas Day 25 December

“Well, did you get what you wanted?”

These are official words to be used by all adults addressing children at Christmas time. At least, so it seems. After all, they say, “Christmas is all about giving!”

This year, here are some last minute gifts you may like to give –

Your attention
to the people around you rather than the new toys and tech you have received.

Your acceptance
of the thoughtfulness other people have shown to you all the year round, even if they have not chosen the right gift (again).

Your time
as both the little ones want to tell you all about their surprise this morning, and as the older ones need to share the sorrows that settle upon them at Christmas time.

Your thanks
for God’s mercy in giving you now, and back then, people with whom to share precious moments, even if this is not your favourite time.

Your heart
to the One who came to live among us as a servant, and lay down his very life for our salvation.

Lord Jesus,
born for us in the humility of a stable,
and reigning over us in the glory of heaven;
Accept the little gift we can offer you,
our unworthy hearts and our unending thanks
and prepare us to meet with you one day
through the gift of your blood, shed upon the cross. Amen.