Sunday 4 February 2018 2nd Sunday before Lent 

  •  9.00 Holy Communion TWO
  • 10.30 Parish Communion
  • 12.00 Parish Communion in Killaney
  •  6.30 Praise Mix

 Wednesday 7 February 2018  

  • 10.30 Midweek Communion

 Sunday 11 February 2017 The Sunday before Lent (Transfiguration) 

  •  9.00 Holy Communion TWO
  • 10.30 Holy Baptism
  • 12.00 Service of the Word in Killaney
  •  6.30 The Lord's Supper'

 Wednesday 14 February 2018 Ash Wednesday 

  • 10.30 Midweek Communion
  •  7.30 Ash Wednesday Service

 Sunday 18 February 2018 1st Sunday in Lent 

  •  9.00 Holy Communion TWO
  • 10.30 Morning Prayer
  • 12.00 Morning Prayer in Killaney
  •  6.30 Compline

 Wednesday 21 February 2018 JONAH 

  • 10.30 Midweek Communion
  •  7.30 Midweek Lenten Service

 Sunday 25 February 2018 2nd Sunday in Lent 

  •  9.00 Holy Communion TWO
  • 10.30 Sunday Special
  • 12.00 Sunday Special in Killaney
  •  6.30 Evening Prayer

 Wednesday 28 February 2018 JEREMIAH 

  • 11.30 Midweek Communion
  •  7.30 Midweek Lenten Service

Service Pattern and Maps

Each Sunday of the year at 12.00 mid-day

The congregation is drawn from Boardmills, Lisburn, Ballynahinch, Carryduff and Ballygowan.

We have a Sunday School which assembles in church and then quickly moves to the Hempton Hall (next door). This is a chance for children and their experienced and capable leaders to enjoy discovering together God's ways for their lives.

Each Sunday of the year at 9.00 am and 10.30 am, with occasional evening services at 6.30 pm. More below:

The early communion service at 9.00 suits those who enjoy a short quiet service at the start of a Sunday.

The main service at 10.30 varies through the month as the online calendar indicates. Sometimes with communion, always with a spot for children, and with a variety of music both contemporary and traditional in style.

At the heart of the service is the sermon when the bible readings of the day are brought to life.

The evening services include both very traditional forms and newer flexible formats enabling the congregation to enjoy a range of styles. These do not take place during some summer months.

Most Wednesdays except during holiday periods a Service of Holy Communion is held in St Ignatius' Church. On the fourth Wednesday of each calendar month it is usually followed by a fellowship lunch provided free of charge.

Services are held at 10.30 am except for the monthly lunch when the service begins at 11.30 am.