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Pastoral Care

We want to offer pastoral care to those in need or help, and we will try to respond to any requests you make.

Hospital Visits

Phone Rev Stephen Lowry, , or send him an email with news of a hospital admission, indicating which hospital and ward the patient is in: if permitted by the hospital authorities a visit will take place regularly during your hospital visit.

Often stays in hospital these days are very short, but it is still good to hear of an admission so some sort of follow up can be arranged. If you do not want further visits this request will be accepted graciously. Send an email to Stephen's personal account so none else need know.

Requests for Baptism

Often the first contact a family has with their local church is when a couple starts growing! A request for baptism brings an opportunity for new members to discover the message of God's grace and to express their faith in the company of others.

An application form for Baptism in Carryduff, and a slightly different one for Baptism in Killaney can be downloaded. Please do not make any arrangements about the date of a possible baptism until you have had a personal meeting with the rector.


The death of someone we love is always a demanding time in our lives. Your church family is here to help you. Let your undertaker know that you would like a service to be conducted by your minister, and that you would like the staff at St Ignatius' Church or St Andrew's Church to conduct the service.

Services are often held in the home and at the graveside or in the Crematorium. Sometimes people request a service in the church as well. We will do our best to accommodate your requests. Services are conducted with the aim of giving thanks to God for our loved one's life and to commend their family to his grace.


Marriage becomes Christian Marriage when those considering it determine to live according to God's laws in a holy, lifelong, monogamous relationship. The wedding is a hugely exciting part of the process but only makes sense when the couple understand the nature of the relationship they are beginning.

While there are many understandings of marriage held in society today, the Church of Ireland upholds the traditional view of its nature, and only marriages conducted according to the rites of the Church of Ireland take place in our churches.

A leaflet outlining the procedures required to celebrate a marriage can be received upon request to the office or rector or download one here .

Meeting Christ at the Crossroads

Hello. Join the many people who worship with us each Sunday at 10.30 in Carryduff and 12.00 in Killaney. You will be made very welcome!

There is a mixture of adults and children, each catered for at every service, with a Sunday School taking place in the adjacent halls a few minutes after worship with all ages has begun. We won't overpower you with a welcome, but we think you will enjoy the friendship we offer you in our Founder's name.

Come this Sunday!


We have a very relaxed approach to membership: you come along, and we consider you a member; you ask for help, and we consider you a member; you say you are a member, and we consider you a member! Simple, open, sincere.

For all members we deliver a paper copy of CROSSROADS - our parish monthly magazine - to homes in the area and also send a digital copy to any who request it and supply us with an email address. Click here and send us your address details. We will try to get back to you very quickly: give us a week in case the office is closed.