It is that time again, when the young people of J Club and J Club Special come to worship at Carryduff and the children from Sunday School at Killaney come to St Andrew's in good numbers. We look forward to seeing the children and youngsters take part in this week's Sunday Special: Number ONE!

Sunday Special is a service focussing on all ages, and is slightly shorter than our regular services with the younger members playing a leading role. "All ages" means we need young and old and everyone in between to be there. Refreshments afterwards.

The wonderful Harvest at Killaney takes place on Sunday 15th October at 3.00 pm. We look forward to seeing friends old and new from our own parish and the neighbouring churches at this annual community celebration. We gather to give thanks to God for his gifts in creation to us, and to pray for those who are involved in agriculture and food production in their work.

We look forward to hearing from our deacon, Rev William Jeffrey, as he prepares to speak to the gathered crowd.

Refreshments are provided afterwards. Everyone is welcome. The special collection is to start raising funds for the repainting of the windows and interior of the church.

The Parable of the Tenants: a fresh perspective from Keith

We welcome Keith Shaw back to the pulpit as he shares with us some of his ideas drawn from Jesus' story about the landowner and his tenants. The service on Sunday 8th October will be led by our Deacon Intern, William Jeffrey. Join us at 10.30 in Carryduff and 12.00 in Killaney.

Carryduff Harvest Gift Days: Sept 30th and Oct 1st

On Saturday 30th September from 9.00 to 12.00 the church will be opened for people to bring their donatons to Stephen in the Jeremy Taylor Chapel. These donatons will be for the new hall toilets, but an additonal "plate" will be on hand for those who wish to give to our mission partners in Sudan. This extra money will be donated to CMSI to facilitate ministry in Olo Diocese. All gifts can be "gift-aided". The decoratng of the church for Harvest happens at the same time.

It is Harvest time at Carryduff. Decorating on Saturday morning 30th September.

With some special moments for the children and the joy of celebrating a traditional harvest festival together: come to Carryduff on Sunday 1st at 9.00 10.30 and/or 6.30 to give thanks to God. Praise God with a loud voice!

We use this major festival as an opportunity to hear our deacon intern preach: William Jeffrey will speak at 10.30, and Stephen Lowry at 9.00 and 6.30. The decorations will be made available for distribution afterwards. If you want someone to receive a gift from the Harvest, please contact Stephen.

Funeral in Carryduff

We are sad to announce the death of Mr Geoff Burke after prolonged illness. Geoff's funeral service in thanksgiving for his life will be held on Monday 25th September at 11.00 am in St Ignatius' Church. Further details here

Sunday Specials at KandCd

Our monthly all age service returns on Sunday 24th at 10.30 in Carryduff and 12.00 in Killaney. With young people and children leading parts of the services, we will discover the right approach to people society thinks are unimportant. Based on Romans 12.14-16 this service is designed to help us respect everyone.

We hope you enjoy worship every week. Make a special effort to come this week, and so encourage a new generation to become worshippers who follow Jesus.

Golf Society Change of Venue

Due to the recent wet weather the venue for the Golf Society Outing on 21 September 2017 has been changed to Down Royal at 1:00 pm. Thank you.

Connect Sunday Celebrations

We welcome the Reverend Ken Irvine to speak at our Carryduff church this Sunday on behalf of the local connect churches!

Ken is minister of the local congregational church, and is one of the more recent arrivals in the community. It is now five years since a group of local churches formed a community outreach initiative called Connect. To find out more, come to St Ignatius' church on 17 September 2017 at 10:30 am.

New Deacon to preach first sermon in parishes

Rev William Jeffrey, our new deacon intern, completes his first busy week in the parishes with a sermon at 10.30 and 12.00 on Sunday 10th September. William was ordained deacon last Sunday in Ballyholme Parish Church. He will also assist at the other services on Sunday. Here he is, wearing a red stole from St Andrew's, with Bishop Harold, following his ordination.

Mr Ken Rainey

We are sad to announce the death of Mr Ken Rainey of Killaney Parish. His funeral service took place on Wednesday 6th September in St Andrew's Church, Killaney. The funeral was followed by refreshments in Temple Golf and Country Club. We thank all those attended and extend our deepest sympathy to Ken's family and friends.

The changed mind!

How often have you changed your mind: you drive a different model of car from before, or you cut and style your hair differently; anything from trivia to the most important aspect of your life is subject to you changing your mind!

Is becoming a Christian "just" a change of mind? Do you and I need to make an effort repeatedly to become a Christian, or does God act upon us so that we experience an act of personal transformation?

Come to worship on Sunday 3rd September and compare your thinking to what the Bible teaches about transformation. Perhaps you need to have your mind changed mind too!

Ordination Service for William Jeffrey

Our new deacon intern, William Jeffrey, will, by the grace of God, be ordained on Sunday 3rd September at 6.00 pm in Ballyholme Parish in Bangor. Along with three other candidates to be made deacon, this service will feature a sermon by Dr Christina Baxter, speaker at a recent Quiet Day in Carryduff. The service will be conducted by Bishop Harold Miller. For more information see the Diocesan Website.

Summer Services at K and Cd.. . .

Come to worship each Summer Sunday: this week, 20th August, we feature a child friendly all age service, with a focus on Jesus' attitude to people of other races, and the kingdom of God. Sounds child-friendly? Well: every child knows that what people look like, or how they speak, or where they were born makes no difference to their character or worth. How does Jesus treat people outside his own race? What can we learn from children and from Jesus? See you Sunday at 12.00 and 10.30.

Visit our news-sheet page to find out more!

August in K & Cd

We hope you are enjoying your summer time, and that your life as members of God's Church is proving to be a faithful and glorious experience. The daily and weekly disciplines of faith are always both a joy and a challenge. While we do well to take 'things' easy when the holidays are with us, certain 'things' become even more important!

The routine of daily living makes it an effort to fit in your daily walk with God in its formal sense. When the daily routines are disturbed or more fluid than usual, then its is more likely (not less) that we will miss our daily time with The Lord.

I hope you and I together will not let that happen this summer! Church worship goes on, Christian fellowship is still essential, and personal prayer and reading remain vital. Let's live in such a way that we take our relationship with God more seriously than our relationships in the rest of life.

Father's Day 2017

Sunday 18th June is Father's Day. History records how fatherhood has been marked by the church for many years, but the connection with the third Sunday in June goes back just a century or so. Hear the story at Carryduff at 10.30 am.

This is the last J C Special for the season and we look forward to children, young people and maybe some of their parents coming to worship. An opportunity to remember our dads will be given during the service. "Harassed and Helpless" is the image Jesus gives us of people who do not have worthy leaders to follow and imitate. We pray that dads (and mums!) will offer such leadership in the home.

Children's Day Killaney June 25th

A special feature of our children's service this year will be the awarding of a new prize in memory of Emma Gill. Emma's fun and celebration of life will be marked by this award. The special service will be followed by refreshments in the Hall.

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