Welcome Stephen's Letter - October

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Dear Friends

There’s something about the scent of a church decorated for harvest that makes it a rich source of memory for all ages. For many of us, even though we are surrounded by countryside, it is the only time of the year when the unique mixture of the smell of the soil, the perfume of the flowers, the scent of the fruit and the aroma of the greenery fill our senses.

Scientists - including D A Wilson - suggest smell is one of the most powerful senses and is laden with memory associations. It is something to with the location of the nose so close to the brain.

Come to decorate your church or worship in your decorated church this year, and be filled with that glorious perfume.

There’s another sensation which can fill us at these times: it is the deep joy which seeing the familiar people around us brings - some faces we haven’t seen for a while, and the visitors who only visit our churches at this time of year.

Come to bring joy to your heart and the hearts of those you love this year, and be filled with joy yourself.

But St Paul adds another strand to this line of thought: the aroma of Christ.

In some traditions the rich Jewish practice of burning incense followed in the temple at Jerusalem [details of the formula are even given in Exodus 30:34] continues today; but that is not the aroma God seeks in us:

It is the aroma of Christ; a rich heady scent which comes from recognising the presence of Jesus in our worship, our shared earning, and our caring in the community.

Come and enjoy some aromatherapy: the odour of Christ in his church for his world.