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Dear Friends

"A flash in the pan"

As I introduce this brief edition of the church magazine this month I want to paint a picture of the possible outcomes of our mission in October.

Will it have a lasting effect or be over in an instant?

Back in the days when soldiers had to arm their weapons by hand, the gunpowder used to ignite the charge to fire the bullet was in a small pan filled by the soldier.

When it worked the spark of the trigger sent a flame into the barrel of the gun and the bullet flew out at life-changing pace. Everything worked in order and the outcome was a tragic success.

But it didn't always work. Sometimes, perhaps due to the direction of the wind, or the dryness of the powder or the skill of the soldier, the gunpowder would flash in the pan but no bullet would appear.

I think that we can put in place everything which is needed for an event to explode into life, but we depend on other circumstances for its success. What are these circumstances in a time of outreach?

For you who attend Church regularly you will immediately recognise the following variables:

  • God's sovereign will to bless this event: for which we continue to pray.
  • God's inspiration of James Boyd - and all who lead events - as they seek to share good news: for which we pray.
  • God's people as they invite friends to come with them to suitable events: for which they pray.
  • God's co-incidences in people's lives which awaken their spiritual interest for this season: for which we pray.
  • Yes, your prayers and mine are pivotal to the fruitfulness of this event, so that we will not have a flash in the pan, but a life changing event in the lives of people across our community.

    Inside you will find details of services, rosters etc and encouragement to support the events of
    "Crossroads 2015: Choosing the right way".

    Stephen Lowry

    PS See you at the Crossroads