Welcome Stephen's Letter - May

Welcome to our parish website. The website has been designed to contain a wealth of information on the church and its organisations. We have included devotional items including recommended reading and prayers to help everyone worship no matter where they are.

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Dear Friends,

Easter at St Ignatius’ and St Andrew’s churches was marked with a sense of joy and hope as the congregations met in good numbers and in good heart to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

With the addition of newly confirmed young people at the Lord's Table - on both Maundy Thursday and Easter Day - the services took on a special sense of new commitment and energy. We congratulate the young people on this important step in their discipleship.

SIn our circle recently we have been involved with house moving: from a flat to a house, from a big house to a smaller house, and even selling a house. All very exciting stuff. In each case the questions are asked “Do I really need to keep that?” “Where would I put this?” “Do you know anyone who would like these?”

It all makes me think how much “who we are” risks being defined by “what we own” - and how dangerous such an outlook is! For your character is much more important than your credit rating. Your influence is much more important than your affluence. Your status is not defined by your financial state.

God values you as a potential child; so much so that he sent Jesus to die for you and to raise you to life with him. And you’re worth it. No, not just because you have nice hair, or whatever the adverts implies; you’re worth his love because he chose to give it.

As May arrives and you look forward to the improving weather that this month nearly always brings, remember to thank the Lord for every gift of his and to own him as your Saviour and Lord; by what you say, what you do and who you are.

Wishing you every blessing this month.