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Dear Friends

“So this is Christmas”

There’s a Christmas song which has been doing the rounds for many years - since 1971 in fact - which makes it more of a contemporary classic. Written and composed by John and Yoko Lennon in 1971, it begins with the two writers greeting their children from their previous marriages, “Happy Christmas, Kyoko, Happy Christmas, Julian.”

In the confusing world in which we now live, many homes at Christmas will have similar greetings for similar mixed families, all sharing the same hope and sentiment of the composers that 'War is Over'.

But what is it about Christmas that makes such a sentiment lead to real hope? It is the arrival of the Go-between, the God-Man, the Word-made-flesh: Jesus.

Take a moment to reflect on the true heart of the season: not the food or the glitter, not the carols or the journeys home, not the expense or the parties: but the appearance of Jesus in a war torn, occupied and divided Palestine - a bit like the one that exists today.

And as you think of this, give thanks that the God you call on each time you pray, as Our Father, was so concerned about people like us that he sent his very Word, his actual living Presence into our world to win it back from its downward spiral.

Give thanks that people believed in that child, and confessed their need of God’s help, and made the world a better place through their compassion, their teaching, their scientific exploration and their sharing of the faith.

And give thanks that THIS CHRISTMAS and in the Year of Mission 2015, which immediately follows on, we each have an opportunity to turn to him at those Crossroads moments in our lives.

May your celebration of Christmas include Christ, and may your experience of the New Year include New Life in Christ.

May I wish you a peaceful and blessed time at Christmas.