Welcome Stephen's Letter - March

Welcome to our parish website. The website has been designed to contain a wealth of information on the church and its organisations. We have included devotional items including recommended reading and prayers to help everyone worship no matter where they are.

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Dear Friends

Choose Me!

Agony: every lunch time at school you hope that your friends will remember that great goal you scored... about two months ago... so that you won't be the last to get picked for one of the 'sides' today.

Some chance! Agony.

Misery: *public warning: -age related illustration* every Friday night you sat on one side of the hall while the boys sat along the other wall. Hoping, really hoping, that they would pick you to dance with them this time.

Three dances and no takers. Misery.

Despair: every year you go to that Easter Vestry meeting at the church hall... And your name is nominated... And the election takes place... And you are ON the vestry yet again!

Despair? No.


We really need fresh ideas - and the people who can bring these fresh ideas on your church vestry this year.

The team we have in place in your church to serve the needs of church business: property, planning, finance; are good quality people but even they are helped to do better when their number is refreshed. I suspect one or two people who have served a long time would appreciate a break for a year or two, and I know that among those who read this are individuals who have a love for God and his Church and who have talent and experience to share.

The Select Vestry in Carryduff have asked me to appeal for someone who would be willing to serve as Honorary Secretary. We have not had an Hon Sec in the year currently ending. Even if this seems like a lot to take on during a first year on the vestry, you will get a lot of support.

Choose Me?

The Easter vestry meetings are detailed in this magazine and everyone is welcome to attend: As chairman of the meetings, I guarantee that if you are nominated to a position and you say 'no', your decision will be accepted graciously. Only members of the General (Easter) Vestry can serve on the vestry.

If you would like to discuss what vestry membership means please talk to me.