Welcome Stephen's Letter - April

Welcome to our parish website. The website has been designed to contain a wealth of information on the church and its organisations. We have included devotional items including recommended reading and prayers to help everyone worship no matter where they are.

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Dear Friends,

With the arrival of Easter the month we celebrate the big moment in our spiritual journey: the moment when we "buy in" to the idea that eternal life goes on after death for those who trust in Christ. It is truly momentous in effect.

St Paul was very clear that Easter, i.e. The resurrection of Jesus, was the life transforming event in the Gospel Story. He describes our situation if the resurrection did not happen as hopeless, and pitiable.

So are we in the church a hopeless pitiable lot, or are we, in fact, the people who have greater hope and greater joy than the rest of the world?

We all realise that people can be in the church family for a long time before they "get it”, before they come to a place where they truly understand and experience what new life in Christ means. So, often, there can be signs of hopelessness among the signs of hope. There can be doubts in the midst of certainty. Let’s not give up because not everyone in the visible church today has finished their journey of faith: instead lets encourage everyone all the more to think about, to study, to reflect on, to discuss, and to experience the love of Christ.

And when we finally "get it", and "buy in” to the faith we will not be surprised if life, and death take on a new perspective.

Have a truly happy and blessed Easter, and share the joy by coming with your whole church family to some of the services mentioned on this site.

Stephen Lowry.

P.S. Following my challenge to have readers ask me about my/your discipleship in February: only ONE person did so!