Welcome Stephen's Letter - September

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Giving up?

We were at the point of giving up: I had been in France as part of an evangelistic programme in the hot summer of 1976. The daily task was to visit endless tower blocks trying to encourage the people inside their locked doors to buy a little booklet for a franc. One franc. About 12p in those days.

I am not sure whether it was a good system or not, I suspect not, but that is what we had to do as part of the OM team. This particular afternoon had gone very poorly with hardly any opened doors and certainly no response. The two of us - trudging around the streets of Vichy–were ready to give up, in fact we had given up inside. “OK God, we will do one more house” That was the level of prayer we had reached.

The answer? “Oui, certainement”

Yes, please! was the response we got and we finally sold a booklet telling the buyer about God’s love.

It was only when we gave up relying on our own strength that we discovered God’s power.

How often the story had been repeated ever since: when I try to do things in my own strength I fail, when I give up and rely on God instead then he “does his thing”!

This month in church we are going to have two visitors: one from the local TinyLife office, pointing us to ways in which very small children who have little strength of their own can be helped by the strength of others.

The second visitor comes from Australia and he will share with us how God the Holy Spirit desires to bring strength to hurt and vulnerable people, empowering the church to serve the world.

Please rely on God this month, and come to St Ignatius’ or St Andrew’s to hear how God uses his people by his Spirit to help others.

In Christ