The church sponsors the Guiding organisations based in the church hall at St Ignatius, for further details please contact the Rector.
The groups include:


If your daughter is aged five or over, she has the opportunity to become a Rainbow. Everything a Rainbow does helps her to develop and express herself. As a Rainbow, she’ll have fun, learn new skills and make new friends, under the caring supervision of trained Rainbow Leaders


To be a Brownie you need to be a seven to ten year-old girl, and want to have lots of fun and real adventure! As a Brownie you are always busy and having a great time with badges, challenges, being outdoors, playing games and keeping your Promise.


Guides have fun. They take part in indoor and outdoor activities that challenge them to do their best. Guides choose and plan most of their own activities, which can include theme evenings, trips and all sorts of fun!
Any girl aged ten or over can be a Guide. The oldest Guides are usually about 14 years old. Membership of Girlguiding UK is voluntary and is open to any girl or woman, regardless of faith, race, culture, nationality or any other circumstance, provided she is able to understand and willing to make the Promise.

Senior Section

The Senior Section is the section of Girlguiding UK for young women aged 14 to 25
A Young Leader is a Senior Section member who is working with a Rainbow, Brownie or Guide unit. She may be working towards Making It Count! or the Adult Leadership scheme, or participating in other Senior Section opportunities as she so chooses. She is supported by a Young Leader Guider and links with other members of the Senior Section as and when she chooses.

Both Parishes are fully committed and compliant with the Church of Ireland Code of Practice for the Protection of Children.