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Sunday at KandCd

The final Sunday of Rev William Jeffrey's tenure at Killaney and Carryduff as Deacon Intern arrives today.

William has been with us from September 2017 and will preach to us today. He is due to be back with us during the summer once or twice but we formally draw his ministry here to a close at these services.

The Sunday School at Carryduff will also leave worship early to visit Funtastic. Parents and guardians must complete permission slips on arrival at church so please ensure this happens so your children can attend the trip.

See you on Sunday. 10.30 at Carryduff, 12.00 at Killaney. Compline takes place at Carryduff at 6:30 pm

June Magazine Now Available

The new edition of the parishes' magazine, CROSSROADS, has been published and is now available on line. The current (and former) editions are always available on the link on this page, and from here

Funeral Service

We announce a Service of Thanksgiving for the late Mr Gordon Crothers which will DV take place on Thursday 24th May at 11:00 am in St. Ignatius', Carryduff. The service will be followed by refreshments in La Mon House Hotel.

Worship this weekend @ KandCd

Our weekly service pattern is a little different this Sunday (13th) as our evening congregation travels to Willowfield to celebrate the Confirmation of nine young people from the parishes.

Willowfield is the setting for thirty one people making their commitment to Christ and his Church in a public way. Some are younger, some older, but they have all reached a stage where they wish of their own free will to declare themselves Christians.

We hope both churches will be well represented for the occasion.

 Sunday 13 May 2018 is The Sunday after Ascension Day 

May Edition of Crossroads

The new edition of the parishes' magazine, CROSSROADS, has been published and is now available on line. The current (and former) editions are always available on the link on this page, and from here

Included in this edition is a form to help us conform to GDPR rules.

Please feel free to print the relevant form (Killaney) and (Carryduff) and return by post or by hand to Stephen at the church office or at church services.

Killaney Easter Vestry

We thank everyone who attended the Easter Vestry Meeting in St Andrew's Killaney on Sunday 18 March. Those elected were as follows:

 Select Vestry 2018
 Rector's Churchwarden:   Marie Mack
 People's Churchwarden:   Alison Gray
 Rector's Glebewarden:   Gary Crothers
 People's Glebewarden:   Jonny Gray
 Regis Calard  Bill Connor  Florence Coulter
 Jean Currie  Eileen Earney  Margaret Harrison 
 Anne Mannis  Harold Mannis   Betty McCartney
 Colin McClintock  Brian McNeill  Richard Turkington 

Carryduff Easter Vestry

We thank everyone who attended the Easter Vestry Meeting in St Ignatius' Carryduff on Sunday 15th April. Those elected are as follows:

 Select Vestry 2018
 Rector's Churchwarden:   Joan Clayton
 People's Churchwarden:   Raymond Scott
 Rector's Glebewarden:   Mark Rourke
 People's Glebewarden:   Dave Nevin
 Tony Anderson  Francis Buchanan     George Buchanan
 Fiona Ellis  David Johnston  Robin McDonald 
 Joyce McMeekin   Fiona Moore  Marlene Moore
 Jenny Montgomery  Keith Shaw  Stephen Thompson 

Easter Vestry at Carryduff

Today's worship includes the gathering of the church where we offer ourselves for service in the church as vestry members for 2018-2019. The 10.30 service will be a short introduction to the business of the day. Everyone is welcome to stay and participate in the meeting, but only those on the list of registered vestry members may vote.


What do you make of Thomas? A good guy or a trouble maker? Come and have a think together about the value or danger of doubt in the church today. And where do you fit in?

Services are as follows: Holy Communion at 9:00 am in Carryduff, Services of the Word - on Doubt - at 10:30 in Carryduff and 12:00 Killaney, and at 6:30 Compline in St. Ignatius', Carryduff.

Easter Sunday

Easter Day is one of the great church going days in our national culture. That's a good thing to share! Main worship is at 10.30 am in Carryduff and 12.00 in Killaney. Our day starts with Early Communion at 9.00 in St. Ignatius', Carryduff and ends with Praise Mix in the same place. We hope you are able to complete your Easter Worship at one of our churches this weekend. Happy Easter.

See all services here.

April Magazine

The new edition of Crossroads is now online. Copies may be delivered to your door if you live within the Carryduff and Boardmills area. Please contact the church office for direct email copies or hand delivery. (028 9081 3489).

Service details, news of parish events, reports and pictures from the youth groups and current events are all included.

St Patrick's Weekend

The annual celebrations for St Patrick's Day take place at Downpatrick this year. A Communion at Saul followed by a walk to Down Cathedral and a Festival service mark the worship and witness of the day. Full details are on the diocesan website.

Worship at Carryduff and Killaney takes place on Sunday 18th with the Easter Vestry for Killaney at 12.00pm. What is a Select Vestry? The Church of Ireland has a helpful page here.

Mothering Sunday

Sunday 11 March is Mothering Sunday: a day dedicated to the person and members of community that are a mother to us!

Unlike Mother's Day in the USA, this is not an invention of the greetings card industry, but an idea drawn from a reading in an old Anglican Book of Common Prayer. On the fourth Sunday in Lent each year an epistle was read which referred to Mother Jerusalem. To be more precise Galatians 4:26 says:

But Jerusalem which is above is free; which is the mother of us all.

The old Latin Mass had a similar reference to Jerusalem.

At some point in history this became a day when people of servant classes in life were actively encouraged to go to their maternal churches, and therefore homes, to honour their earthy mothers. In 1938 a MU historian described is as a country wide phenomenon.

It still happens today.

We in Killaney and Carryduff churches reflect the Christian tradition by honouring those who have been mothers to us, in family or in life in general, with a floral gift. Every adult woman present at worship will be offered a small flowering plant as a token of the appreciation we all feel. Depending on how many people come (we only have enough flowers for twice the normal congregation!) here may also be spare flowers for those present to bring home to mothers not at worship in our churches.

Come along at 10:30 and 12:00 to enjoy worship - and perhaps experience the touch of God's 'maternal' love for us - see Luke 13:34 - and pray for all who are mothers today.

Mothers' Union Thursday 8th at 8.00 pm

Shirley Kerr from Donaghcloney comes to MU this week to present: "Looking good - inside and out". This has been postponed fro last week

Women's World Day of Prayer Postponed

The snow from Storm Emma, and its friend the Beast, have claimed another victim: WWDoP, the annual gathering of the community at a local curch, due to take place on Friday 2nd March has been postponed. Come back to this page to see an update of a new time, which will be published here. We thank the local organisers for considering the safety of those attending.

Scout Organisations cancelled this evening, 1 March 2018

Scouts are not on due to the snow.

New Blog for Lent 2018

From Wednesday 14th February 2018 to Easter Day, a new blog page of our website is HERE

It is designed to help keep church members reading their daily Lent Book. A few questions or observations are made each day and readers can then comment online about each day's section.

Get it HERE

Funeral Service: Nelson Williams

We are saddened to announce the death of Mr Nelson Williams, a much valued long term member and servant of God in the parish of Carryduff. His funeral service will DV take place on Thursday 8th February at 12.00 midday in St. Ignatius', Carryduff followed by burial at Blaris Cemetery.

We extend our sympathy to Pat and the family circle, and assure them of our prayers and good wishes at this sad time.

Funeral Service: Geraldine Perry

The funeral service of Mrs Geraldine Perry of Carryduff will DV take place on Wednesday 7th February at St. Andrew's, Killaney at 12.00 midday. The service will be followed by her burial at St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Killough Road, Downpatrick.

We sympathise with Ruairi and Siona and the family circle as they lay to rest their dearly loved mother. It is fitting that her funeral takes place in a church which she enjoyed visiting for special events, such as the Christmas Services. We extend our good wishes to her neighbours and small circle of friends in Alveston Park and Carryduff.

Who is the Real McCoy?

Ever wondered why you are disappointed with the Christianity you see around you (and in you)? Let's find out about the Real McCoy this week.

We will be gathering at the Lord's Table this week at 9.00 and 10.30 in Carryduff and 12.00 in Killaney. You are welcome to come.

Jesus: the One who makes a difference

With each Sunday Special (our all age worship event) we gather to enjoy being part of God's church family at Carryduff and Killaney. This week, 28th January, sees J Club and Sunday School members lead aspects of worship and enjoy the appearance by our puppets.

When we discover what Jesus did for a man who was very troubled while attending his weekly worship, we realise that we can be helped too, saved from facing our trials on our own. Our service is followed by refreshments for all.

February Magazine available NOW

The paper, online and downloadable versions of "Crossroads" are available now. Visit the magazine link on this page or Click here to see the magazine on your screen. Thank you

Jesus: the transferable skills teacher

As we come to worship this week, we will be asked to think about steps each of us need to take, to use the skills we have developed in life to serve God in new ways.

We hope it helps you think!

You can click on our Twitter page @KandCd to see a preview of this week's news video.

If you have never 'liked' our Facebook Page this is a good way of keeping in touch with the news developments as they happen. There were several updates in recent weeks.

Midweek Service: Wednesday 17th January

Parishioners are discouraged from taking any risk to come to worship at this service. A short small service will DV take place, and while the regular worshippers may not be there in person, we will be praying for you. With schools attended by healthy young people being cancelled, it seems wise to encourage members NOT to come today.

Weather Warning:

Due to the heavy snow affecting the car park and the dangers for transport to and from the church halls, organisations meeting in Carryduff Parish Halls tonight 16th January 2018 - Guides, Brownies, and Rainbows - are CANCELLED.

Word Alive, due to take place in the rectory this evening, has also been postponed.

Keep in touch with your parish

We have recently begun using MailChimp, an email delivery service which enables those who have requested or agreed to obtain emailed materials from the parish to unsubscribe simply. In a world where email is both a useful tool - and occasionally an overwhleming one - this type of procedure puts your participation in receiving electronic news back in your control. You are also able to update to your preferred email address.

Obviously we hope you will want to receive the monthly email containing a magazine link and messages regarding events. Having provided you with an opportunity to remove your name, we will risk sending slightly more frequent emails. To remove yourself from the list makes it very difficult to make instant contact in this way. But to be a responsible user of data we are happy to make the facility available.

For your information this is a free service with our level of use.

Hear God's Voice lately?

Samuel was young enough and innocent enough to hear God's voice. Are we too set in our ways and too stuck in our 'stuff' to hear him today? As part of our preparation for the Parishes Retreat Day on 3rd February we will spend some time at a Service of the Word this Sunday finding out what it was like for Samuel to hear God's voice.

Mothers' Union Members celebrate a new season

Two parishioners have decided to join Mothers' Union this year and they and the new Branch Leader will be enrolled at morning worship at Carryduff on Sunday 7th January. This Parish Communion Service also marks the fresh beginning which the new year promises for both parishes. Everyone is welcome to attend and enjoy this fresh start. How about making a date for every Sunday in 2018? You know it can be a challenge but it is an expression of the place God has in your life, or wants to have!

Please pray for Joyce, Jenny and Vera.

Christmas Week at KandCd

A well earned break for our many hard working team members takes place this week. All the organisations are on a short seasonal holiday. AA continues as usual. After Christmas Morning there is no midweek service, and we are looking forward to meeting again on Sunday 31st as follows:

 9.00 am Holy Communion TWO at Carryduff

10.30 am Morning Prayer at Carryduff

12.00 am Morning Prayer at Killaney

On New Year's Day we gather in St. Ignatius', Carryduff for Holy Communion,

10.30 am The Naming of Jesus: Holy Communion in Carryduff

Christmas Eve at KandCd

The services for today are as follows:

 9.00 Holy Communion TWO at Carryduff

10.30 Service of the Word: Mary's Choice at Carryduff

12.00 Service of the Word: Mary;s Choice at Killaney

 11.15 First Communion of Christmas at Carryduff

Please note that the late night communion is preceded by refreshments from 10.45 all welcome

Christmas Weather arrives early at Carryduff!

The snow has arrived in Carryduff this morning - 8th December - with a vengeance! After several virtually snow-free winters, a heavy fall of snow left the grounds around St. Ignatius', Carryduff with a delightful if inconvenient covering of the white stuff. Services on Sunday continue as planned, but please give time to arrive early and get a lift if you have any fears about driving yourself.

J Club and J Club Plus evening cancelled 8/12/17

Due to the snow, the Friday night planned for Nativity Rehearsal and a trip to the Market has regrettably been cancelled.

Can anyone recall how long it is since any event at Carryduff Parish was cancelled due to snow?

Connect Carol Service

Lough Moss is the venue on Sunday 3rd December for a local carol service. Gathered in the vast hall at Lough Moss, hundreds of people from Carryduff and the surrounding area come to hear the local school choirs sing items they have prepared and to join in singing familiar Christmas Carols.

It is a free event. A collection is taken duirng the service for those who wish to donate a gft to Christians against Poverty, a UK charity operating locally and further afield to help people of any background as they face challenges brought on by poverty. The service starts at 4.00 pm and is followed by light refreshments.

December and January Magazine available on line

As you read the version here please note the links in the pages of Mission Fund Contributions which identify the organisations we are supporting this year. Click on the initials e.g. CMSI to go to their website.

Cick here to go to the current edition.

Sunday Special "I am Accepted"

When you come to Jesus and his church you should find acceptance and love. This week we reflect on how judgment and guilt are set aside when we encounter the living Jesus.

Listen to this song to prepare yourself for worship.

Bible Sunday with Catherine Little of BSNI

The fourth of our Reformation Sundays is our focus on the Bible. The reformers spoke of sola scriptura (With scripture as our ultimate authority and guide). At each of our services we will reflect on this. Our Main service is Bible Sunday.

Catherine Little is the team leader at our local Bible Society Northern Ireland. She leads three others in the Belfast Office as they seek to promote both the use of the Bible in daily life and in churches, as well as promoting the translation, publication and distribution of the bible around the world. She will be joining with us as our preacher and to give our children's talks before our youngsters go to Sunday School.

We hope you wil join with us at Killaney and Carryduff on Sunday 19th November for her visit.

Remembrance Day Sunday Services 12th November

The nation unites each year as it gathers in its churches and public squares to remember with thanksgiving those who laid down their lives in time of war in pursuit of peace and justice. This year the 12th November is the day for the church services and we plan to meet at 10.30 and 12.00 to do so.

Please join us at these or any of the services each week at Killaney and Carryduff.

To the Greater Glory of God Alone

In the second of our sermons on five principles of the Reformation, William Jeffrey helps us consider the Glory of God in this Sunday's main sermon.

The Five Solas of the Reformation

As we reflect on what defines our Christian experience we should look at the Five Solas of the Reformation. The word SOLA comes from the Latin "Alone"" or "Single". I recently read some work by John Piper and I got the following from what he said:

Sola Gratia

Solus Christus

Sola Fide

Soli Deo Gloria

Sola Scriptura

Our status as people alive in Christ, is ours -

By God’s grace alone

On the basis of Christ alone

Received through faith alone

So that all things lead ultimately to the glory of God alone

With Scripture alone as the only final decisive authority for these truths.

We discover a little more about these at each Sunday in November at KandCd. Don't miss any of them. Sunday 5th is "To the Greater Glory of God Alone".

November Magazine now on line

With the printed copy in production in the church office we thought we would give keen web watchers your chance to see the new edition of the magazine first. Note you can click on some of the articles to take you to other related websites!

November Magazine Flip Book Version

Click here for an active version

It is that time again, when the young people of J Club and J Club Special come to worship at Carryduff and the children from Sunday School at Killaney come to St Andrew's in good numbers. We look forward to seeing the children and youngsters take part in this week's Sunday Special: Number ONE!

Sunday Special is a service focussing on all ages, and is slightly shorter than our regular services with the younger members playing a leading role. "All ages" means we need young and old and everyone in between to be there. Refreshments afterwards.

The wonderful Harvest at Killaney takes place on Sunday 15th October at 3.00 pm. We look forward to seeing friends old and new from our own parish and the neighbouring churches at this annual community celebration. We gather to give thanks to God for his gifts in creation to us, and to pray for those who are involved in agriculture and food production in their work.

We look forward to hearing from our deacon, Rev William Jeffrey, as he prepares to speak to the gathered crowd.

Refreshments are provided afterwards. Everyone is welcome. The special collection is to start raising funds for the repainting of the windows and interior of the church.

The Parable of the Tenants: a fresh perspective from Keith

We welcome Keith Shaw back to the pulpit as he shares with us some of his ideas drawn from Jesus' story about the landowner and his tenants. The service on Sunday 8th October will be led by our Deacon Intern, William Jeffrey. Join us at 10.30 in Carryduff and 12.00 in Killaney.

Carryduff Harvest Gift Days: Sept 30th and Oct 1st

On Saturday 30th September from 9.00 to 12.00 the church will be opened for people to bring their donatons to Stephen in the Jeremy Taylor Chapel. These donatons will be for the new hall toilets, but an additonal "plate" will be on hand for those who wish to give to our mission partners in Sudan. This extra money will be donated to CMSI to facilitate ministry in Olo Diocese. All gifts can be "gift-aided". The decoratng of the church for Harvest happens at the same time.

It is Harvest time at Carryduff. Decorating on Saturday morning 30th September.

With some special moments for the children and the joy of celebrating a traditional harvest festival together: come to Carryduff on Sunday 1st at 9.00 10.30 and/or 6.30 to give thanks to God. Praise God with a loud voice!

We use this major festival as an opportunity to hear our deacon intern preach: William Jeffrey will speak at 10.30, and Stephen Lowry at 9.00 and 6.30. The decorations will be made available for distribution afterwards. If you want someone to receive a gift from the Harvest, please contact Stephen.

Funeral in Carryduff

We are sad to announce the death of Mr Geoff Burke after prolonged illness. Geoff's funeral service in thanksgiving for his life will be held on Monday 25th September at 11.00 am in St Ignatius' Church. Further details here

Sunday Specials at KandCd

Our monthly all age service returns on Sunday 24th at 10.30 in Carryduff and 12.00 in Killaney. With young people and children leading parts of the services, we will discover the right approach to people society thinks are unimportant. Based on Romans 12.14-16 this service is designed to help us respect everyone.

We hope you enjoy worship every week. Make a special effort to come this week, and so encourage a new generation to become worshippers who follow Jesus.

Golf Society Change of Venue

Due to the recent wet weather the venue for the Golf Society Outing on 21 September 2017 has been changed to Down Royal at 1:00 pm. Thank you.

Connect Sunday Celebrations

We welcome the Reverend Ken Irvine to speak at our Carryduff church this Sunday on behalf of the local connect churches!

Ken is minister of the local congregational church, and is one of the more recent arrivals in the community. It is now five years since a group of local churches formed a community outreach initiative called Connect. To find out more, come to St Ignatius' church on 17 September 2017 at 10:30 am.

New Deacon to preach first sermon in parishes

Rev William Jeffrey, our new deacon intern, completes his first busy week in the parishes with a sermon at 10.30 and 12.00 on Sunday 10th September. William was ordained deacon last Sunday in Ballyholme Parish Church. He will also assist at the other services on Sunday. Here he is, wearing a red stole from St Andrew's, with Bishop Harold, following his ordination.

Mr Ken Rainey

We are sad to announce the death of Mr Ken Rainey of Killaney Parish. His funeral service took place on Wednesday 6th September in St Andrew's Church, Killaney. The funeral was followed by refreshments in Temple Golf and Country Club. We thank all those attended and extend our deepest sympathy to Ken's family and friends.

The changed mind!

How often have you changed your mind: you drive a different model of car from before, or you cut and style your hair differently; anything from trivia to the most important aspect of your life is subject to you changing your mind!

Is becoming a Christian "just" a change of mind? Do you and I need to make an effort repeatedly to become a Christian, or does God act upon us so that we experience an act of personal transformation?

Come to worship on Sunday 3rd September and compare your thinking to what the Bible teaches about transformation. Perhaps you need to have your mind changed mind too!

Ordination Service for William Jeffrey

Our new deacon intern, William Jeffrey, will, by the grace of God, be ordained on Sunday 3rd September at 6.00 pm in Ballyholme Parish in Bangor. Along with three other candidates to be made deacon, this service will feature a sermon by Dr Christina Baxter, speaker at a recent Quiet Day in Carryduff. The service will be conducted by Bishop Harold Miller. For more information see the Diocesan Website.

Summer Services at K and Cd.. . .

Come to worship each Summer Sunday: this week, 20th August, we feature a child friendly all age service, with a focus on Jesus' attitude to people of other races, and the kingdom of God. Sounds child-friendly? Well: every child knows that what people look like, or how they speak, or where they were born makes no difference to their character or worth. How does Jesus treat people outside his own race? What can we learn from children and from Jesus? See you Sunday at 12.00 and 10.30.

Visit our news-sheet page to find out more!

August in K & Cd

We hope you are enjoying your summer time, and that your life as members of God's Church is proving to be a faithful and glorious experience. The daily and weekly disciplines of faith are always both a joy and a challenge. While we do well to take 'things' easy when the holidays are with us, certain 'things' become even more important!

The routine of daily living makes it an effort to fit in your daily walk with God in its formal sense. When the daily routines are disturbed or more fluid than usual, then its is more likely (not less) that we will miss our daily time with The Lord.

I hope you and I together will not let that happen this summer! Church worship goes on, Christian fellowship is still essential, and personal prayer and reading remain vital. Let's live in such a way that we take our relationship with God more seriously than our relationships in the rest of life.

Father's Day 2017

Sunday 18th June is Father's Day. History records how fatherhood has been marked by the church for many years, but the connection with the third Sunday in June goes back just a century or so. Hear the story at Carryduff at 10.30 am.

This is the last J C Special for the season and we look forward to children, young people and maybe some of their parents coming to worship. An opportunity to remember our dads will be given during the service. "Harassed and Helpless" is the image Jesus gives us of people who do not have worthy leaders to follow and imitate. We pray that dads (and mums!) will offer such leadership in the home.

Children's Day Killaney June 25th

A special feature of our children's service this year will be the awarding of a new prize in memory of Emma Gill. Emma's fun and celebration of life will be marked by this award. The special service will be followed by refreshments in the Hall.

Essentials June 10 2017

Julie from the Diocesan Team invites youth and children's workers to a special event in Magheralin on Saturday 10th June.

The flyer below explains all that matters.

Click here to download a copy for your files.

ReStore News May 2017

Pete Graham from ReStore, part of Habitat for Humanity NI, has asked for some volunteer helpers. Details of the possible times to serve at the store in Lisburn, as well as requests for Summer Volunteers, are in a letter he has sent us. He has given us details of the Monday, Friday and Saturday morning gaps and the Tuesday and Saturday afternoon gaps in their volunteer team. Joyce and Liz in Carryduff can tell you more of what volunteering at ReStore entails.

We have a great tradition in both parishes of supporting HfHNI and you are encouraged to look at the attached images and download the leaflet for more information.

Children's Praise Party 20 May 2017

a diocesan posterOn 20th May we will have the Children's Praise Party This is organised by the Diocese and will be at St John's Parish Centre, Moira. The event is for children of primary school age (p1-age 11).

This should be a fantastic fun filled day. The children will meet at Carryduff Parish at 12.45pm and will be taken by the leaders to Moira where they can worship, play games and make friends.

They will then return to the church for balloon modelling, face painting and food. The day will finish at 7pm sharp. This is definitely an event not to miss!

Permission slips will be available from Liz on Friday 5th May. Fancy dress optional. We hope to see as many of you there as possible.

Crossroads: May 2017

The magazine coverThe May edition of the magazine is now available online. Visit the link here to read or download it.

Paper copies are also available, but this online version contains eight extra pages of photographs from the visit of the African Children's Choir!

We send out email copies each month to over 100 addresses. If you would like to receive this, send an email with such a request to Stephen. Details here

Carryduff Easter Vestry

We thank everyone who attended the Easter Vestry Meeting in St Ignatius' Carryduff on Sunday 23rd April. Those elected are as follows:

 Select Vestry 2017
 Rector's Churchwarden:   Fiona Ellis
 People's Churchwarden:   George Buchanan
 Rector's Glebewarden:   Mark Rourke
 People's Glebewarden:   Dave Nevin
 Tony Anderson  Francis Buchanan     Stephen Creber
 Ken Ellis  David Johnston  Robin McDonald 
 Joyce McMeekin   Fiona Moore  Marlene Moore
 Jenny Montgomery  Raymond Scott  Stephen Thompson 

Carryduff Easter Vestry Meeting

The annual meeting of the church takes place today, Sunday 23rd April, after a short morning service at Carryduff. Everyone is welcome to attend and take part in the meeting though only those who are members of the Easter Vestry may take part in the election of office bearers. This being the triennial year we have the opportunity to select Parochial Nominators and a Diocesan Synods-person to represent the parish.

We anticipate that the meeting should be over by midday.

Happy Easter Day!

The darkest day is over, the season of prayer and reflection which is Lent is completed, and EASTER is with us!

The empty tombAlong with disciples from every nation in the world we gather on Easter Day to celebrate the risen Christ. Church meets at 9.00, 10.30 and 12.00 on 16th April 2017. Te first tow services at Carryduff the latter at Killaney. We will be using a special liturgy written for Easter Day and books and sheets will be available for everyone to take part. If you need a larger type size, special sheets are available for you. Copies of Bishop Harold's book "Week of all Weeks" will be available for everybody else.

Keith promises a choctastic and hunger-producing children's talk this week! Mmmm.

Habitat Update

Habitat for NIOur friends at Habitat Northern Ireland have released a news update. If you would like to see it visit their site




Killaney Easter Vestry

We thank everyone who attended the Easter Vestry Meeting in St Andrew's Killaney on Sunday 2nd April. Those elected are as follows:

 Select Vestry 2017
 Rector's Churchwarden:   Marie Mack
 People's Churchwarden:   Jonny Gray
 Rector's Glebewarden:   Gary Crothers
 People's Glebewarden:   Terry Barbour
 Bill Connor  Florence Coulter  Jean Currie
 Eileen Earney  Alison Gray  Margaret Harrison 
 Betty McCartney  Colin McClintock   Brian McNeill
 Anne Mannis  Jane Todd  Richard Turkington 

Visit by Ken Clarke of SAMS

Bishop Ken ClarkeBishop Ken Clarke makes a return visit to Carryduff at 10.30 on Sunday 2nd April. Representing SAMS, a mission agency he has been involved with since the days when he served as a mission partner in South America, Ken has a great gift of encouragement and teaching, and it us always an honour to have him in our parish. This is his first visit for several years. He will meet members of the congregation over an extended time of refreshments after the service.

The African Children's Choir 7th April

African Children's Choir

We look forward to a return visit by the African Children's Choir to Carryduff.

Last here in December 2015 the group, which is an entirely new choir, will sing on Friday 7th April at 7.30 pm in St Ignatius' Church.

Tickets are still available and we think there will be room on the night. To be sure speak to any of our contacts

Crossroads: April 2017

Magazine coverThe April edition of the magazine is now available online. Visit the link here to read or download it.

Paper copies are also available.

We send out email copies each month to over 100 addresses. If you would like to receive this, send an email with such a request to Stephen. Details here

Is our Worship Worthy?

There are lots of different ways of expressing how we value people and things: sometimes this involves giving gifts, more often in speaking words of praise. Worshipping God is our opportunity to express in word and deed how we feel about him. The questions is, though: is our worship worthy of God?

When we want to show how we feel about a person we often go to great lengths to express our love and admiration.


We try to make an effort because they are worth it. What about making an effort for God?

Psalm 95 is the call to worship we use most often in our churches, and it reminds us of the value of coming to worship God in humility, in prayer, and in praise. Join with us on Sunday 19th March to hear more.

If God is only worth the effort you and I put in to worship him, what does that tell about our view of God?

Leading and Following!

wild geeseRemember "Follow My Leader"? We have all played the game in childhood, where we take it in turns to lead and we take it in turns to follow. The church family has a similar pattern: each member of the church is called to follow Jesus, and many are called to take a lead from time to time, to help fellow disciples follow The leader.

As we consider the teaching of Hebrews 13 we are encouraged to remember our leaders, and to do so we will pray for all who lead, in homes, in church groups, in the diocesan family and in society. Join with us at worship on Sunday 12th March to find out more.

Learning to LEAN!

arc of stones

Self-reliance and independence are a popular call in the word today. Yet human beings are made to be mutually dependent. From procreation to conversation, from manufacturer to consumer, the world God has made reflects inter-dependence. Why? Because God has made humanity to reflect our dependence on Him!

As we gather in worship, on Sunday 5th March, around the Table of the Lord, we will learn to lean on Him.

Frazzled or Content?

Come to Killaney and Carryduff on Sunday to enjoy finding out about contentment: not so boring stuff.

New Daily Prayer link

The Church of Ireland provides a short daily prayer service to use online. Click on the link on our home page or click Online Daily Prayer

Handling Money Well

cashWith Charity Commission demands, the need for accountability, the detailed returns to the tax authorities, and the relentless checking by banks re money-laundering, we need to handle money well. That is the case for both the local church and the faithful Christian. As we come to the time of year when church accounts are published, and as we give account for our own use of money to our spouses and family, what relevance does Hebrews 13 have to our lives today?

Exploring Hebrews 13.5 is the next step on our Manifesto H13 journey as we meet at Killaney and Carryduff on Sunday 19th February.

Planting Watering Growing


Keith Shaw will share some of what God has taught him in life about growing in faith and service.

Keith is now entering his second year (of two) training with the Diocesan Readers to enable him to be licensed to preach and lead in the parish and further afield.

Please continue to support him with your attendance at Carryduff at 10.30 and in Killaney at 12.00 on Sunday 12th February.

Honouring Marriage in today's world.

I'm not married: How can I honour marriage?

If you'd been through what I have been through you too would hate marriage!

Marriage is old hat, it is unnecessary today.

There are a lot of strongly held views about marriage. In this week's services we look at some of the reasons that we are encouraged in Manifesto H13 to 'honour marriage'! To pursue excellence IN marriage and respect the purposes OF marriage.

Join us at Killaney and Carryduff Churches on Sunday 5th February to explore this theme together.

Are you ready to serve?

SERVE is a new short training course for young people in 4th to 6th year designed to encourage and develop their unique leadership qualities while also helping them build firm foundations of faith.

Central to the course is the idea of servant leadership, which can often be different to the perception of what leadership is.  SERVE will encourage young people to discover and use the gifts God has given them to serve others and unlock their potential as leaders.

Each session of training has four elements included that are designed to build a sense of community and support, engagement with God and a deeper knowledge of who we are as people and leaders. They are:

1. Communal Meal: Served at the start of each session

2. Spiritual Discipline: Time is given after the meal to practice an element of the disciplines.

3. Book Review: Participants will be expected to read a chapter of the selected book prior to each session, at which a young person will lead a discussion on the chapter.

4. Teaching and Discussion: This element allows the participants to explore spiritual, practical and personal aspects of Christian leadership through discussion and activities.

There are eight separate sessions, the first 4 will run fortnightly in Hillsborough Parish halls, starting on the 23rd of February and will last for three hours, from 6.30 - 9.30 pm.  The next 4 sessions will take place over the course of a weekend away at the Kilbroney Centre in Rostrevor from Friday-Sunday 28-30th  April with a final graduation celebration for parents and participants taking place on Friday the 5th of May.

The cost for the course is £70, this includes a participants handbook, our meals together and the residential, as well as the graduation ceremony and certificate. This can be paid in either a single payment for the course or two payments of £35.

For more information and an application form contact Tim Burns on or 07572 817429

Remembering Prisoners! Manifesto H13

An opportunity, on 29.1.2017, to remember prisoners in the freedom of attending our church buildings without restraint. How can we best remember prisoners and those who are being ill-treatment? Come and find out today.

From Strangers to Friends! Manifesto H13

Welcoming Strangers is the theme on Sunday 22nd January at Killaney (12.00) and Carryduff (10.30). Based on Hebrews 13:2 the writer invites all of us to welcome strangers into our midst. It is a fresh look at what Hospitality really is! This can relate to the new child in school as much as to a new neighbour on the street or the new refugee from one of a number of conflicts in the world.

The Church family of all ages meets on this fourth Sunday of the month. "Don't be a stranger"!

During the opening months of 2017 we explore ten manifesto commands from Hebrews 13. Helping us to be the church in a society which needs a good church, the idea is that members of the congregation pick up a theme that "speaks" to them, and develop ideas to make that theme a reality in Killaney and Carryduff.

Come and Sing

A day with the Belfast Philharmonic, accompanied by Ulster Orchestra, soloists from NI Opera.

Habitat for Humanity NI comes to visit.

Pete Graham of Habitat plans to visit both churches on Sunday 15th January. As parishes which have supported Habitat for many years, both with donations and as volunteers, this is a welcome return to our agenda of the work of HfHNI.

Visit Habitat's website to see the work they are currently involved in. There is a link to this and other supported groups on this website. See "Mission & Ireland" to visit these external sites.

Mr McNeill Hits 100!

Congratulations to Bertie McNeill Mr. Bertie McNeill, a member of Greenisland Parish where our rector used to serve, has reached his 100th birthday. Bertie is one of those "backbones" of the church, serving as he did with his late wife Irene, in the administration of the parish offerings over decades. We send our congratulations to Bertie, through his son, parishioner Brian McNeill from Killaney. Bertie has attended St Andrew's from time to time over the years.

Mr McNeill now lives in Greenisland Abbeyfield, just a few yards from The Church of the Holy Name where he served for so long in various roles as Select Vestry Member, Glebewarden, and, very importantly, the "man who fixed the church clock" at both the Spring and Autumn equinox. Those who know Bertie well will join in his family's delight at his reaching this great milestone.

Brotherly love in action:

The Brownlee Brothers are well renowned for their combined efforts in world and Olympic Triathlon events. They are truly a remarkable pair. But they are first of all brothers; and their love and support for each other was demonstrated in a unique moment at a recent Triathlon Event. The YouTube video below is worth watching. What would you give up to support your brother or sister in the church family?

Sunday 8th January sees the start of a series of sermons based on Hebrews 13: Manifesto H13 So keep on loving each other as brothers!

 Sunday 8 January 2017 Epiphany 1  
  •  9.00 Holy Communion TWO
  • 10.30 MU Enrolment at Morning Prayer
  • 12.00 Morning Prayer in Killaney
 Wednesday 11 January 2017  
  • 10.30 Midweek Communion

Start the new year at The Crossroads

How you start something has a big influence on how you finish it! What about the New Year?

At St Andrew's Killaney and St Ignatius' Church Carryduff, God's people believe in putting God first. That's why, come the New Year, we meet together for worship at our local. Sunday 1st January is not only New Year's Day, but also the day on which we celebrate the Naming of Jesus at his Circumcision.

Services are as follows:

 Sunday 1 January 2017 Naming of Jesus 
  •  9.00 Holy Communion TWO
  • 10.30 Parish Communion
  • 12.00 Parish Communion in Killaney

Knowing Christ at Christmas

Few Christmases in adult experiences come without a mixed bag of emotions. The relentless suffering of others we witness on our screens, the sense of excitement in the children around us, the reminders through appeals of the needs of others, the rich aromas of a well used kitchen, and the memories of loved ones. Yes, that is part of this time of the year: a season pregnant with feelings.

The birth of Jesus, who had come to be our Saviour, took place in a similarly mixed world. We are told by theologians and scholars that his birth was heralded by an angel host and a knife wielding soldier corps, and was followed by mourning in Bethlehem, and hiding in Egypt. Today, for many, such hiding and such violence are a daily reality rather than the subject of theologians' debate. For them we pray and, with them, earnestly yearn for a better world.

May you know Christ in your life this Christmas: not just as an afterthought but as a first thought on Christmas Day. Greetings from the rather sick household of which I am a part this week, and if we don't see each other until the New Year, may that be a happy one for you too.


Christmas At Carryduff and Killaney

Starting with a late night gathering in St Ignatius' the parishes celebrate Christmas this year in regular style: the churches are decorated for the season, and the congregations have already enjoyed the seasonal Nativity by the Sunday Schools and J Club. Now it is time to remember the Birth of Jesus on Christmas Day. For details of services click here

Late night refreshments are available in St Ignatius' from about 10.45 pm on Christmas Eve, leading to our first Communion of Christmas, beginning at around 11.15 pm. The next morning a Family Communion takes place in St Andrew's Killaney at 9.30 am, followed by a Christmas Morning Service for all the family at Carryduff at 10.30 am. See you there!

Lessons and Carols at Killaney Sunday 11th 3.00 pm

We welcome Northern Ireland Brass to our Carol Service this year in the beautiful setting of St Andrew's Church Killaney. Along with the traditional lessons and carols, the Ensemble wil perform two pieces, a Christmas Medley and a carol "Who is he?" while accompanying all the hymns with their unique brass sound!

The whole community has been invited with notices being distributed in various locations and in various ways. Please come. Refreshments follow in the Hempton Hall.

Scout Carol Service Sunday 11th 6.30 pm in Carryduff

The Squirrels, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorer Scouts are providing various readings and dramas to help bring us into the Christmas Season. A light supper has been promised by the supporting scout committee. So let's see you at St Ignatius Church on Sunday evening!

Community Carol Service Sunday 4th at 4.00 pm Lough Moss

All roads lead to Lough Moss Centre for the biggest gathering of the community each year. It is, of course, the Community Carol Service organised in conjunction with the connect churches in the district. A warm invitation has been sent to local schools to come and sing, and this year Millennium IPS and Carryduff PS Choirs are performing.

Led by a band from Carryduff Baptist Church the traditional Christmas Carols will be enjoyed by all who attend. Refreshments afterwards are provided for all who wish to stay.

Mayor Cllr Brian Bloomfield hopes to attend and will receive the offering for his designated charity, TinyLife, based nearby in Carryduff.

Magazine for December

Our December edition is online. see the link to the left of this page to this and all recent editions

Remembrance Sunday

With many people around the commonwealth and further afield, we turn to God on Sunday 13th November to pay our respects to those who died in conflict and to pray for peace for the world. Joining the service at Carryduff are the uniformed organisations associated with the church.

Killaney Church meets at Noon for our annual remembrance service.

Click here to find out more of the history of the poppy.

Magazine for November

Our November edition is online. see the link to the left of this page to this and all recent editions

Sunday Specials for All Ages

J C Special in Carryduff (10.30) and CF@W in Killaney (12.00) take place on 23rd October. While geared for younger people, the challenge issued applies to all. Come along, enjoy the worship and re-think the attitude you bring with you to worship.

Parish Bereavement

It is with sadness that we announce the death of Mrs Edith Kelly of Carryduff Parish. We express our sympathy to all who knew her well, and especially to her family circle. Her funeral will DV be in St Ignatius' Church on Wednesday 19th October at 12.00 midday. Further details here

Killaney Harvest Services

Rev Catherine Simpson of Banbridge Parish will DV be present to preach to us at Killaney Harvest on Sunday 16th at 3.00 pm. The traditionally decorated church with a wealth of traditional hymns is well suited to the good people of Killaney and Boardmills. We look forward to a good attendance from both parishioners and friends.

After the service refreshments are due to be served in the Hempton Hall. A visit to the service for Harvest is worth it for the tea alone, but we hope you will be nourished by all the events of our Harvest Weekend.

Sister Martina Purdy at St Anne’s Cathedral

Sister Martina Purdy will be the special speaker at the Healing Service in St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast on Monday 17th October 2016 at 8pm.

Martina was well known throughout Northern Ireland in her work as a BBC news journalist. A popular broadcaster she would say now that she felt she was ‘living the dream’. Then God came calling, asking her to join the Adoration Sisters and live under vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.

It was quite an inner struggle to yield to God’s will. Some of her work colleagues thought she had gone off her head. Nonetheless, the call was so clear that Martina entered the convent on the Falls Road.

Even though joining a religious community in many ways involved great sacrifice she has found her new lifestyle to be immensely fulfilling. Martina says that she now has a spirit of joy and contrary to her past experience is really ‘living the dream’.

An excellent speaker, Martina will be well worth hearing on 17th October. Why not come? Personal prayer and the anointing with oil will be available at the service.

Richard Bromley's visit to Killaney and Carryduff

Rev Richard Bromley, director of ICS, preached on Sunday 9th October at Carryduff and Killaney. This was a special occasion as we hear and see more of what is happening in the english speaking church around the world from the Mission Director himself. Here is a clip from Richard.

click here for video.

October Magazine Online

The new edition of the parish magazine - featuring news items relevant to both Killaney and Carryduff Parishes - is now available online

God's Temple: Freedom

God's Church Building Plan

The Temple, in the Bible, has many meanings. (2 Chronicles 2:6; John 2:20-21; Ephesians 2:21; 1 Peter 2.4-6) It refers to several buildings built at Jerusalem, then to the body of Jesus of Nazareth, then to the People of God. Our series in September will focus on God's people as his Temple. How does God build us into his spiritual house? What problems have we to overcome as his people? How are we made useful in his temple? What is the purpose God gives us as his servants?

During September worship in St Andrew's and St Ignatius' church buildings we will seek to Build God's Temple! This week we look at:

4. FREEDOM to SERVE in God's Temple 25th SEPTEMBER

When we have discovered God's gifts and honed them, we then find freedom in serving. God gives us great joy with the privilege of both using his gifts to help others, and to build the church so as to glorify Him. (Galatians 5.13-18)

Diocesan Bible Week 2016

The 10th Annual Bible Week took place from Tuesday 30th August to Friday 2nd September in Willowfield. There are links to the talks given by Dr Ian Provan on the diocesan website.

Funeral Service

On Tuesday 16th August the Funeral Service for Mrs Laurie Lowry took place at Carryduff. Mrs Lowry is the mother of the rector and widow of the Rev Canon Harold Lowry, formerly rector of Lambeg. The service in Carryduff was followed by refreshments in the hall, and then burial at Lambeg Parish Church. We thank Bishop Harold Miller for conducting the service here and Bishop Alan Abernethy for performing the committal. Mrs Lowry was spoken of with great warmth by Bishop Harold during his address. She died peacefully on Saturday in her home for the last few years, Hollygate Lodge.

We thank parishioners in Killaney and Carryduff for both their expressions of support and their practical help to Stephen and the extended family during this time.

Funeral Service

On Tuesday 16th August the Funeral Service for Mrs Laurie Lowry took place at Carryduff. Mrs Lowry is the mother of the rector and widow of the Rev Canon Harold Lowry, formerly rector of Lambeg. The service in Carryduff was followed by refreshments in the hall, and then burial at Lambeg Parish Church. We thank Bishop Harold Miller for conducting the service here and Bishop Alan Abernethy for performing the committal. Mrs Lowry was spoken of with great warmth by Bishop Harold during his address. She died peacefully on Saturday in her home for the last few years, Hollygate Lodge.

We thank parishioners in Killaney and Carryduff for both their expressions of support and their practical help to Stephen and the extended family during this time.

In sympathy

We express our sympathy today to the family of our dear friend Mrs Marjorie McLean who sadly this week passed into the nearer presence of God after a long illness. Marjorie has been a much valued member of the congregation at St Ignatius' Church Carryduff for many years and will be sadly missed by her fellow worshippers and friends. Details of her funeral are available at Funeral Times . The service is in Newtownards on Monday 18th July.

It's the Summer Time . .

After all the excitement of our successful bid for the European Championships, that is we played well, it is time to enjoy the summer without the stress of good international football teams.

The Summer Magazine can be read online or downloaded from the Magazine Page

We congratulate our young people for the closing services of the year when they took part in leading worship on both Killaney and Carryduff, and to Craig Lutton who spoke, and Keith Shaw who led the J C Special Service in Carryduff.

Summer services can be found on the highlighted link on this page or by clicking Current Services


J C Special Sunday

Yes it is almost here: the final J C Special of the season when we declare to young and old that Jesus Christ is Special!

On Sunday 19th June there are three services at #KandCd, 9.00 Communion as usual at Carryduff, 10.30 J C Special at Carryduff and 12.00 Monring Prayer and Sunday School at Killaney.

After all the excitement of #LoveInADay where a wedding service in Killaney was broadcast live -in part- to the web and the red button on BBC [as announced on Facebook and Twitter feeds] the excitement of TV gives way to the thrill of worshipping God without them! Do come along.

Parish Picnic

Sunday 26th June is the day the parishes travel to Delamont Country Park for our annual barbecue and picnic. Special passes can be picked up at church on 12th and 19th June or on the day itself.

On this particular day a number of programmed events are taking place in the country park and those attending are welcome to book them for themselves using the online facilities in the attached link.

Children's Day at Carryduff

Our Sunday School has now supported the Send a Cow Appeal for several years. This Sunday 12th June 2016 the children will present to the congregation the specific project they are backing this summer. Come along. After their report they will receive their prizes for the year and then head off to Funtastic at 12.00pm for their summer treat!

Sunday 5th June Service Times

We have four signs up saying 9.30, it is on Facebook, and Twitter feeds, we have sent emails to over 100 parishioner addresses, 300 magazines too, and yes, announced it at every service for the last three weeks . . . but still some people will not have realised: Church in Carryduff on Sunday 5th June is at NINE THIRTY AM. Yes 9:30 am. You read it here! See you at 9.30! Killaney at 12.00 as usual. Watch out for the cyclists!

June Magazine online

Thanks to our contributors we are able to publish our June edition of the magazine here.

Cycling Event reaches Carryduff

The Gran Fundo Cycle Race is travelling through Carryduff on Sunday 5th June. Access to Comber Road will be closed during church's regular morning meeting time, so we will be moving church from 9.00 and 10.30 to 9.30 for a combined service. All those normally attending either service are encouraged to come at 9.30 that day. There will be no refreshments afterwards to allow us to clear the car park before the road is closed at 10.45 am.

This is a bit inconvenient for us, but we nevertheless welcome the opportunity to show our flexibility and amenability to the community for the benefit of those who are not yet members of the church family. For more information on the cycle run, and road closures etc. visit:

Killaney residents too are affected as Middle Road will be closed to allow cyclists safe access to their route. We are assured that all residents will be notified if their road is closed or immediately affected by the cycle run.

Interesting work if you can get it

The Church of Ireland Gazette is currently looking for a part time office administrator: if you are interested in this 16 hours per week work then click the link to find out more. The job is advertised on the right! Tell them where you read the advertisement.

A Confusing May Bank Holiday Week

We are excited to meet together for worship at 10.30 this Sunday 1st May, looking forward to a day off the following day. Carr Primary School are off school for the day. Meanwhile Carryduff Primary School are off all week! And, just to make things simple Millennium Primary School are off on Monday and Tuesday! Confused?

Meanwhile the Puppets at Killaney and Carryduff haven't noticed someone at church, and are having a big think about it. The Sermon asks the question: "Do you want to get well?" See you on Sunday at 9.00, 10.30, 12.00 or 6.30!

J C Special

The Sunday School and J Club teams have been busy preparing for the J C Special Service on Sunday 24th April. It all begins at 10.30 in church. Children and young people are encouraged to come to 'sign in' for J Club any time from 10.00 am.

May Magazine Online

Click on the link on the left to see this month's (and the previous year's) magazine editions. Its address is:

Golf Society Fixture List

The Parish Golf Society had its first meeting on Thursday 21st April. Click on the links below to find out more about this and our other venues this year.

Date Time   Venue 
Thursday 21 April  1.30 pm  Ardglass GC
Thursday 19 May  2.00 pm  Bangor GC
Thursday 23 June  1.30 pm  Temple GC Captain's Day
Thursday 28 July  1.30 pm  Edenmore GC
Thursday 18 August  1.30 pm  Rockmount GC
Thursday 15 Sept  1.30 pm  Spa GC: Presentation and Anniversary Day

Fancy tea at Stormont?

Among the many circulars and invitations that arrive at the rectory a recent one sounded interesting: an invitation to come to tea at Parliament Buildings! But then it sank in: this was not some grand function with the movers and shakers about to seek re-election! It was an advertisement for the Restaurant at Parliament Buildings. If you are interested in a "Unique Dining Experience" - whatever that might mean - then it is open now. Click here

Letter for April

Dear Friends,

A friend contacted me about a story he had read on the internet. That is the place where many people get most of their information these days, I certainly use it all the time to check my memory for facts, people, places, dates and so on. My friend's story was about the Moon. Was it true?

Let me first tell you the story: it goes back to when I was just a child and the first moon landing had taken place. Two astronauts were on the lunar surface, the remaining one, Michael Collins, was in the command module, as it was called, in orbit around the moon.

Miraculous and outstanding developments had happened in science as a result of this expedition to the nearest "rock", and the people on earth - imagine talking like that! - were watching and waiting for the next move.

The moon was in black and white to us: the tv pictures were grainy, poor and lacked contrast, somewhere between light grey and dark grey, with the virtually white lunar module shining as it reflected the sun.

Inside the craft worked two experienced scientists; one, Neil Armstrong, would shortly take the first step on the moon. The other, Buzz Aldrin, was seeking permission to broadcast a message "home". He was denied. Radio silence was observed. What was the message about?

Aldrin had contacted his pastor before he left Kennedy Space Centre, and brought with him to the moon, two small portions of food, one of bread and one of wine, for he had decided to take communion, the first food to be eaten on the surface of the moon, and wanted others to know about it! He was denied. But did it really happen?

Well, Aldrin began speaking about the experience when he came home, and several records in the years following report his story. . .

Imagine the privilege it was to make the first meal, a memorial meal; the first meal, a communion meal; the first meal, a reminder of the Cross of Jesus.

It is no real surprise that they tried to cover up the deed, at least, during the initial event itself. But imagine the excitement of billions of people on earth if only they had known that their Lord was being remembered - before all else - on the surface of a different world! My friend and I were both excited about the story: the sort that brings a smile to the heart.

Jesus "travelled" even further to remember us, he went as far as death, and, thankfully, returned to tell the story so that others would follow him WHEREVER he would lead.

That, too, is a great story. And the good news? It still is true today!


Carryduff Easter Vestry Results

Carryduff's Easter Vestry took place on Sunday 13th March and the following were elected as office bearers:
Rector’s Warden: David Johnston
People’s Warden: George Buchanan
Rector’s Warden: Mark Rourke
People’s Warden: David Nevin
Select Vestry
Tony Anderson
Francis Buchanan
Susan Creber
Ken Ellis
Liz Fleming
Robin McDonald
Derek McKinley
Joyce McMeekin
Fiona Moore
Marlene Moore
Raymond Scott
Stephen Thompson

We congratulate those serving and appointed to serve on the Select Vestry of the Parish.

Killaney Easter Vestry Results

Killaney's Easter Vestry took place a few days ago and the following were elected as office bearers:
Verger: (new position and appointment)
Florence Coulter
Rector’s Warden: Bill Connor (with Rota)
People’s Warden: Marie Mack
Rector’s Warden: Gary Crothers
People’s Warden: Terry Barbour
Select Vestry
Florence Coulter
Jean Currie
Eileen Earney
Betty Green
Margaret Harrison
James Johnston
Betty McCartney
Colin McClintock
Brian McNeill
Ann Mannis
Jane Todd
Richard Turkington

We congratulate those serving and appointed to serve on the Select Vestry of the Parish.

Letter for March

Dear Friends

It was a great privilege to have my three predecessors as rectors present at the recent Clergy Quiet Day held in St Ignatius' Church. Often the transition from one rector to another can be traumatic for the people concerned, both for the rector and the congregation. Thankfully, the relationships here with and between each succeeding incumbent have been pleasant and progressive.

  • The truly broad church is open to people with a wide range of views, but is clear about the faith and creed at the heart of the church.
  • The truly loving church is keen to express a ection and kindness to all its members, but is not afraid to speak the unspeakable when we go wrong.
  • The truly serving church seeks ways to help people in its community to find a place of welcome and warmth, but is able to present the Christian message in that place.
  • The truly prophetic church is keen to address the world around in terms people can understand, but it draws from the timeless word of God in its teaching.
  • The truly devoted church is dedicated to offering worship in a language and style which speak to people, but is committed to doing so in a way which honours God.

If you have been around long enough to have known some of the five rectors and the original curate in charge here, Norman Lockhart, you will realise that each has sought to grow a healthy broad church, and each has brought his own unique emphasis: evangelism, service, devotion, order, passion and . . [we'll see what No 5 adds] - to the parishes. But there is NOTHING worthwhile any of the clergy could have done without two elements; the grace of Almighty God and the willingness of the people of the parishes to be led.

How willing are you to discover new avenues of service, new challenges to face, new opportunities to grasp? Perhaps this year's Easter vestry Events will help you take up the cause! Follow in the steps of those who have served before you, and dare to be what God wants you to be!

Stephen Lowry

Come dine with me: J C Special

A service with a difference - featuring the young people of the Sunday S-Club and the Friday J-Club - took place on Sunday 28th February. With dramatic moments, exciting child friendly music, and worship videos, as well as light refreshments to follow, this was a service not to be missed. Don't let the title fool you, this was not a five course dinner for a hundred and fifty people! Yoi had to be there!

2 March 2016: 1st Carryduff Scouts launched a crowdfunding page to raise money for four new tents: The fund-raising process is now closed after £557.88 was raised. .

Read about OLO diocese with Linda Abwa of CMSI

With the relationship with Olo taking on a new importance with a Carryduff Anniversary Appeal in February, and a fresh donation from Killaney Vestry towards bicycles, we are delighted to launch a new webpage with links to the dioceses and mission agencies! Why not visit it? Click here!

Our friend Nina Coffey from Seapatrick has sent a photo from December 2014 of Liz Fleming with Bishop Tandema. A larger version is available on the South Sudan page.

Clergy Quiet Day

Serving and retired clergy and Church Army workers will gather today 9th February in St Ignatius’ Carryduff for the annual Quiet Day. The day centres around worship and reflection before Lent begins and will be conducted this year by Revd Dr Andrew Angel, Vice Principal of St John’s Nottingham.

‘Christ meets us in the Fullness of our Humanity with the Fullness of His Love’.

Speaker Andrew (Andy) Angel studied Theology at Oxford and was ordained in the Church of England. He loves teaching the Bible:

“Enabling people to hear the biblical texts in their own contexts so that we can hear Christ speak through them into our own lives and the life of the church today is a privilege.”

Diocesan site.

George Breen

Following his sudden death while driving on Thursday evening 3rd March 2016 Mr George Breen's friends at St Ignatius' Church and in the wider community are planning to attend his funeral at St Ignatius' Church, Comber Road, Carryduff, on Tuesday 8th March at 2.00 pm.
George's death came as a great surprise to those who knew him well: we are relieved that the manner of his last moments did not result in injury or hurt to anyone else on the roads. We remember his family especially at this time, and seek God's help for them and for those who offered care to George in the moments after his car came to a stop.

Emma Gill

A Service of Thanksgiving for the life of Emma Gill will be held on Friday 4th March 2016 at 2.00 pm in St Ignatius' Church Carryduff.
We anticipate and look forward to a large attendance. May we invite people to park carefully, and to leave room in St Ignatius' Car Park for the large family who will arrive just before the service, and leave for the burial immediately after. Please be prepared to walk a distance to the church. Use the Elim Church Car Park, at your own risk. If possible please share vehicles.


Come dine with me: J C Special

Plans for a service with a difference - featuring the young people of the Sunday S-Club and the Friday J-Club - progress this week. With dramatic moments, exciting child friendly music, and worship videos, as well as light refreshments to follow, this is a service not to miss. Don't let the title fool you, this is not a five course dinner for a hundred and fifty people! No. But come and find out what it is! Sunday 28th at 10.30 in Carryduff Parish Church. The J club continues following the service.

Read about OLO diocese with Linda Abwa of CMSI

With the relationship with Olo taking on a new importance with a Carryduff Anniversary Appeal in February, and a fresh donation from Killaney Vestry towards bicycles, we are delighted to launch a new webpage with links to the dioceses and mission agencies! Why not visit it? Click here!

Our friend Nina Coffey from Seapatrick has sent a photo from December 2014 of Liz Fleming with Bishop Tandema. A larger version is available on the South Sudan page.

Clergy Quiet Day

Serving and retired clergy and Church Army workers will gather today 9th February in St Ignatius’ Carryduff for the annual Quiet Day. The day centres around worship and reflection before Lent begins and will be conducted this year by Revd Dr Andrew Angel, Vice Principal of St John’s Nottingham.

‘Christ meets us in the Fullness of our Humanity with the Fullness of His Love’.

Speaker Andrew (Andy) Angel studied Theology at Oxford and was ordained in the Church of England. He loves teaching the Bible:

“Enabling people to hear the biblical texts in their own contexts so that we can hear Christ speak through them into our own lives and the life of the church today is a privilege.”

Read more on the diocesan site.

Bowling Club gets its own page...

We are delighted when a church group has news and views they wish to share with us on line: This week the Bowling Club have added a page. Well done! Why not visit it? Click here!

Take That, Ye Big Philistine!

Imagine Eddie - the five foot five student lawyer - playing the part of the young David, and Big Bob as we called him (double chip and fish every day for lunch - with an apple for good health, of course) as the bottom half of Goliath, and yours truly on Bob’s Shoulder as the top half!. It made quite a scene.

As we played the “Goliath Sketch” in the local primary schools on our chaplaincy mission trip to Cork, the children would squeal at the 9 foot giant falling to the ground ( - there was no such thing as a “health and safety assessment” in those days - )

“Take that, you big Philistine you!” said the Lawyer!

It was great fun, and memorable (though the details are up for debate) all these years later.

Yet one of the reactions we got from some of the school teachers was a huge surprise: it was reported to us that some of the teachers were very concerned that we were bringing the violence of the North of Ireland of the late seventies into their peaceful schools. “Seriously?” I thought!

In fact they were raising an issue which had never much occurred to me, how stories of battles fought and won in the Old Testament could fuel a taste for success by force rather than success by reason or love or kindness or the like. The story of David slaying Goliath (1 Samuel 17:32-51) was tarnished a little by the question.

When we read of Jesus in Mark 3:1-6 standing up against the self-righteous hypocrites of his day he was making as daring a stand as his ancestor, the young David, had done.

But not with a sling or stone, but with a straightened hand! The reaction of hatred by his enemies would lead them to execute Jesus. Jesus showed courage in the peaceful setting of a synagogue, just like David had done on the battlefield.

We do well to follow Jesus’ pattern too.

What do you think?

Men and Women of KandCd offer help to The Larder

Photo of 25 men attending Breakfast

Over 75 members of the two churches - and their friends - attended when Adrian McCartney spoke to the men at Woodlawn and the women at Rockmount on 16th January.

Provided with an excellent cooked breakfast and Coffee and freshly baked scones, those present left after a very satisfying morning.

Here the men are seen before they added their shopping to Adrian's car.

Adrian McCartney

Adrian McCartney shared his personal story, concluding with an introduction to the work of Boring Wells at Mersey Street, beside the Oval. It was a fascinating story.

As part of the plan for the day the men and women brought shopping bags with goods in them for the Larder: after the Coffee Morning the car was filled to capacity.

We thanked Adrian for coming to tell us and we look forward to responding to the ongoing needs of his community or our community in a way that God leads.

Grocery bags offered to The Larder at St Christopher's Church

Climate Change? In the world and in the church!

The winter is very much with us as February comes in. After the wettest December for a lifetime, and seeing fellow countrymen north and south face floods which had driven them out of their homes and businesses, we seem to have entered a new era. I am not sure whether our land is going to change wholesale as a result of the climate changes, but certain localities have changed and probably will change more in the future.

When the "big freeze" happened in the early sixties, I am sure there were those who predicted massive changes in temperature in the following years, But no, that was a one-off event. The weather changes we have seen in the last decade or more have been more consistent and prolonged and profound than those one off events which spring to mind!

The growth of the Sahara Desert, the changing size of the polar icepacks, the shrinking of certain natural habitats: each of these is one part of this worldwide transformation. It doesn't all happen at once, and our current experience - of more violent storms and wetter seasons - is evidence of the local appearance of a world wide phenomenon.

Such local climate changes happen in the life of the worldwide church as well. What is happening now?

A recent article I read suggested five changes we will begin to see as normal in the local church in the current year(s).

Have a look at these yourself.

We cannot seriously have the notion that ... the way we did things

  • in worship in church in the sixties is the right way today, or that
  • the principles of youth work in the seventies apply directly today, or that
  • the tools we used for prayer in the eighties are the only ethical ones to use today, or even
  • the clothes and styles and music of the nineties are spot-on for today

These are part of a climate that has largely changed and we need to have a fresh approach which is relevant to the climate today. Think about it. The message that "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever" (Hebrews 13:8) means he is both timeless and current: not that he is the Jesus in the way you first encountered at whatever decade you met him.

A greeting from one of our partners in South Sudan

Dear Friends

Christmas greetings to you from your brothers and sisters here in Maridi, South Sudan.

We wish you all Happy Christmas a prosperous New Year in 2016. We would like to sincerely thank you all for your prayers and encouragements that gave us courage during our challenging moments here in South Sudan.

As the angel brought a message of joy to the shepherds (Luke 2:10), it is our prayer that the good news of the birth of Jesus will bring joy and peace to every troubled heart, divided family and troubled nation.

Happy Christmas.

+ Justin Badi
Bishop of Maridi

Have you ever bitten off more than you could chew?

Mary said YES! What about you?

No, I am not talking about an overly stuffed plate at a Christmas dinner - we are ALL guilty of that I suspect - No! I mean: have we hastily agreed to do something, and only later realised that we had “bitten off more than we could chew”?

It happens in churches and groups all the time: we offer to serve in a task which seems light and simple, not realising that it might become a major task which occupies hours of leisure time in the years ahead.

And unwise as it seems, foolish even, it is often the best way to get involved in something really worthwhile! Jump right in at the deep end!

Luke tells us in the Bible (at Luke 1:30-33) that Mary was given a major task to do: to be the mother of a new king. The questions arise:

  • Will she do it?
  • Will she take on the task?
  • Will she say yes?

She did!

Mary did more than agree to the words of the messenger of God: she submitted to God’s will. “I am the Lord’s Servant: May your word to me be fulfilled” (Luke 1: 38) In that instance Mary stepped up to fulfil God's command for the world’s salvation.

It was her gift to God

Often the most valuable gift we can give to our community group, our church, or our small group is our answer YES to the request put before us. We may well be biting off more than we could chew, but - as my daughter said to me the other day when a solo part in church was “sprung” upon her at the last minute by a wise worship leader - if we knew all that was coming we might well say NO instead!

What is your gift to God this Advent? Say YES to Him!

St Andrew's Day

Doing the simple things well

Of all the more familiar saints I think Andrew is one of the most straight-forward ones to emulate, for he did the simple things well.

We can think today of four aspects of Andrew's life: as an approachable helper, a brother, a follower and a martyr.

Philip asked Andrew (John 12.20-22) to bring some Greeks to Jesus: he was the "go-to" guy, helpful and reliably so. Are we the same?

Andrew was approached by the young lad (John 6.8-9) who offered to share his linch with the 5000: was it his eyes, or his smile or his kindness that picked him out? Do we possess such an attractive draw for others?

Andrew was one of John the Baptist’s disciples, (John 1.41-42) an early starter: was he just gullible, or over-quick to believe or rather was he singular in spirit? Are we quick to respond to God's call?

Andrew went and got his brother Simon and encouraged him to take Jesus seriously too: are we keen to share our good news with those among whom live and work?

And how far would we go? Here is a line about his death from a bible dictionary:

Tradition is rather uniform that Andrew died at Patrae in Achaia. A story developed that he was martyred on an X-shaped cross (a “decussate” or “saltire” cross), which has become known as St Andrew’s Cross. Another tradition is that an arm of the dead Andrew was taken into Scotland as a relic by Regulus, and thus Andrew became known as a patron saint of Scotland: from Tyndale Bible Dictionary: Andrew, the Apostle

Let’s start simply today and try to be more approachable in God’s strength, and then do worthwhile things with the opportunities that present themselves to us.

Feeding the 5000: a challenge from BORING WELLS

50 signatures from Carryduff

Rev Adrian McCartney has invited those concerned about the effects that money-centred-policy-making has on money-lacking-people's lives. For this reason a paper and online petition has been developed. Visit it HERE and see more at the Diocesan Webpage here.

Food poverty and welfare issues – sign the online petition

Our responses need to be in before 1st December: Do It TODAY! A paper version is available in both churches on Advent Sunday.

Adrian is coming to the Men's Breakfast and Ladies' Coffee Morning on 16th January 2016.

Advent Sunday

One man and his dog

Do you remember One man and his dog?

It was a long running TV programme featuring modern-day shepherds - and the dogs with which they worked - as they rounded up sheep. Some of the shepherds had a turn of phrase that they used often with their companions in the task: "Come-bye!"

It is not a phrase I have heard anyone else use, yet it captures a part of the process of gathering sheep, and was instantly understood by the most effective dogs. Come-bye!

The dog had to approach the sheep, to draw near to them but without running straight at them lest they scattered. With their heads low to the ground the dog would run from side to side of the clusters of sheep until they all grouped together. Then, with a deliberate change in direction of movement, the dog would steer the herd towards their destiny, usually a gated area in the middle of the field.

The command "Come-bye" tells the sheepdog to move to the left of the stock ("Away" means move in the other direction)

With a quick sleight of hand the word "Come By" is a very good translation of Advent: the word means come by, God coming near to us, like the Father in the story of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15.20) who comes running towards his wayward son with expectant joy. (Read the whole story here: Luke 15.11-32)

Often the church has painted Christ's Advent in terms purely of judgement: let's see it also as God sending his Son to come alongside us and to guide us home!

"Come bye - Lord Jesus: Maranatha!" (1 Cor 16:22)

The Sunday before Advent

Stir-up Sunday

A wistful look appeared in the old vicar’s eye as he bumped into the Rev Knott, or Bertie as his Presbyterian colleague always insisted on being called.

Bob, the vicar, was recalling his ministry in the parish years ago: he played out the old arguments in his mind, the ones he had often had with other non-conformist friends over years: the pros and cons of a lectionary and book of collects: this is the day he always referred to in that age old argument:

”What about ‘Stir-up Sunday’, then?” That’s what makes the Church’s Year so meaningful. So useful.”

His friend - in those days they were an exclusively male brotherhood of course - nodded his head in reluctant agreement:

“You have me there, Bob. I had no-one telling me what prayer to pray or what part of the Bible to read with my people! Mind you, [an Ulsterism I think], I’m not sure I wanted anyone to tell me what to do on the last Sunday before December each year, or any other Sunday for that matter!”

The old man shook his head in bewilderment: “You never did get it did you! Preaching from a collect or an appointed reading means it is not me who is telling the people to get on with being real Christians, and that gives me freedom to blame the bishop or the prayer book or the synod or someone when I start to annoy the folks in the pews: ‘Don’t blame me,’ I say, ‘It’s in the prayer book.’ It meant I kept in their good books even when as a preacher I was getting a bit hot under the collar.”

“You? Hot under the collar? Bob, you were never anything but luke warm, if even that!!!” The old comrades shared a wee smile together, and then shook hands as they headed off to their respective churches on that cold November morning. The vicar today was attending the Elim - "A bit of life there", he would now say if you pushed him - while his erst-while Presbyterian colleague was heading off to St Mark’s for his favourite service: Stir Up Sunday Early Communion.

Stir up, O Lord, the wills of your faithful people;
that plenteously bearing the fruit of good works
they may by you be plenteously rewarded;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

2 before Advent

In the aftermath of France’s experience of terror

Nothing worth watching

It doesn’t help to watch the news when days such as Friday take place among people seven hundred miles away. The repeated news reels of the same story - even with their slow developments - makes for weariness of spirit and grief.

And yet we do it. I suspect we do it because we are afraid of missing something important, something which might affect us: news of a tourist from Ireland, or the name of a hotel we once visited, or a camera shot of a site where we once took a picture. It is disheartening stuff.

All we can do is pray: yes: - support our political leaders as they seek to find a way forward in the face of terror, yes: - remind our leaders of the danger of dalliance with those who are bent on your destruction; but essentially these are only other forms of prayer.

When Jesus predicted in Mark 13.1-8 signs of the end of things, he expressed things which the weekend past tends to reflect;

  • The certainty which old buildings and solid structures purport to bring turns out to be fleeting;
  • The grandeur and delight which well known places evoke is only transient;
  • The threat of violence is ever present;
  • The breakdown of relationships between sovereign nations is the topic of weekly news bulletins;
  • Even the earth itself is not immune from violent destruction.

So do we turn off that news too?

Do we linger over it in despair?

Or, rather, do we determine under God to keep the faith, remain steady at our post, pray for the salvation of all people and look forward to the remedy of all that is wrong with the world one day?

The promise/threat of Jesus that “every one of [these stones] will be thrown down” was fulfilled shortly after he said the words. The rest has been repeated in the cycle of history time and time again.

Do your work, say your prayers, share God’s love with those who need both to hear it and see it in action, and let God be Judge. There’s no other way.

Stephen Lowry

Stephen Lowry invites Raymond Fox, Willie Nixon and John Auchmuty to mark their shared ministries in Killaney and Carryduff with a photo at the 2015 Clergy Quiet Day.